The 3DR Solo is quite a popular model used by drone 3dr solo drone enthusiasts who clip their drones for GoPro cameras in easily. The package comes with a carrying case that’s hard enough to protect all the equipment inside. There are eight props provided (so if a few break during flight by hitting some branches on a tree, your flight time isn’t over just yet), a spare battery, and a GoPro gimbal. The 3DR Solo has not one but two computer processors inside. The first processor is installed within the drone itself and the second processor is fitted inside the dedicated controller. A Wi-Fi signal is used to communicate between the controller and the drone. Using this type of signal improves both the range and reactive speed of the communication. There are a few modes included which let the drone fly on its own, so the focus is placed on timing the ideal shot or getting some video footage over the correct location. The shooting modes alone make this model attractive for anyone looking to take incredible aerial footage on their own. The in-flight duration is a consistent 20 minutes with the spare battery allowing for a return to base, battery replacement, and another flight immediately afterward. The range of this drone is approximately 800 meters which are not too shabby.

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