Cheerwing U841

The Cheerwing U841 is a mean-looking model that is Cheerwing-U841 black throughout, with the odd dash of chrome to offset the dark coloring. The model converts from air drone to a racer with four small wheels or using two large wheels which dwarf the body. As such, this is a 3-in-1 model.

The package includes four small wheels used for speeding along and climbing slopes and two larger wheels for cruising at slower speeds. With the various combinations, available, this model is capable of flying, riding along the ground, climbing over obstacles, and more.

The controller offers four-channel communication with the drone using its 6-axis gyroscope to manage its position correctly. It will perform 360-degree acrobatics in the air along with its wall climbing ability on the ground; nice options to have. The flight duration of 7 minutes is not bad, but the effective range of approximately 30 meters lets the side down a bit. Still, the U841 has a lot to recommend it for anyone who prefers a drone with road climbing abilities (like climbing street curbs and uneven older driveways).


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