Contixo Kids Drone F1 Plus

The Kids Drone F1 Plus is a cute-looking drone that Contixo-Kids-Drone-F1-Plus most looks like a car that flies too. It has been designed to closely mimic the Formula One vehicles that drive at incredible speeds around Grand Prix race tracks. There are even a white F1 decal and a gold tire-like logo in front of it to emphasize the point. As an RC car that might bump into immovable objects, it is built to be robust with its use of alloy and hard plastic on the body that handles shock impacts well.

For anyone who wishes to record or take photographs of either their flights or crazy driving, there is a non-removable 2-megapixel camera provided along with a slot for a microSD card (a 4GB SDHC card is included in the box). When flying, the steady hover mode keeps the drone in a fixed position for taking a good shot. It will also perform 3D flip-overs and a 360-degree rolling maneuver. The manufacturer has also included an automated take-off and auto landing features to simplify its use.


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