Fanala JJRC H3

The Fanala JJRC H3 is a serious-looking blue/cyan Fanala-JJRC-H3  colored drone with full black wheels in four corners. The white propellers are contained within the wheel interior which is a neat design not often seen in this category. The appearance is attractive, different, and distinctive from the RC cars that double as drones.

The roller wheels perform double-duty as prop guards for the propellers situated inside them. There are LED lights to light up the ground underneath when driving and provide sufficient illumination when in flight too. The effective range is up to 300 meters when driving and approximately the same in the air which is superb in this category. The driving/flying time of 8 minutes is also quite respectable too.

The Fanala JJRC H3 is an interesting product with some cool features worth considering further.


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