Hubsan H109S X4 Pro

The Hubsan brand is widely respected for the overall hubsan h109s x4 pro quality of their drones. The level of craftsmanship here is clearly evident with ergonomic design and some advanced features. The Husban H109S comes in two versions: a high and a standard version. One of the main differences with the high version is the inclusion of a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal rather than the 1-axis gimbal present in the standard version. For anyone who appreciates smoother flying capabilities and clearer shots from a camera, the 3-axis gimbal is a welcome improvement over the lesser option. For beginners, there is a headless mode to avoid getting confused during a flight about the current orientation of the drone. There is also an automated return to base, follow me now, and steady hover modes. The X4 Pro also comes with a 1080p Full HD video camera that supports FPV live steam. The controller uses Android version 4.2 which is an older version but is still a capable operating system and a good interface for managing drone flights. The live video certainly makes flying and taking accurate video clips or photos easier. There is a GPS chip inside the product to help with better navigation and make the return to base feature pinpoint accurate. The effective range is 1km with a flight duration of 25-30 minutes depending on the battery level and directness of the flight path.


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