Among the few quality waterproof drones on the market, best gopro price Mariner 2 from Garlus stands out. The concept of an amphibious UAV is an interesting one. Given that GoPros can be made waterproof up to a certain depth, the idea of a waterproof drone is a curious one. Indeed, the GoPro casing, connectors, frame, and transmitter can be made to operate even when water has been splashed on them. With that said, the Mariner 2 is not designed to work when completely submerged. The gimbal which is a 2-axis variety controls the position of the GoPro is itself waterproof allowing for both the camera and its gimbal housing to become wet without stopping its operation. The gimbal is not as nimble as other 3-axis or even 6-axis alternatives, but at least it does permit an angling down to get the right shot at the appropriate moment. There is a dedicated controller supplied and also a smartphone app which works equally well in commanding the Mariner 2. Creating a new route with waypoints is simple via either controller or app, and then let the drone take off on its way. Getting too low over the water could spell disaster for drone equipment that is not waterproof. Operating a separate GoPro-compatible drone for flying over bodies of water like human-made lakes and raging rivers is slightly less risky with this model than other options. There’s clearly more peace of mind to be had here and some nice added features too.

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