The gray hue and tentacle-like appearance of this walkera tali h500 hexacopter, the WalkeraTali H500, is certainly one of its standout features and most expensive drone. However, this model is packed with equally impressive options for hardcore drone users. Firstly, the GPS included here is about as accurate as one could ever hope for. The improved control is pleasant to have. There are also a few added features for hovering, holding the current altitude, and some other familiar ones. There is a 1080p capable camera included with the drone. It’s capable, but nothing like a drone for Go Pro for capturing wide-angle panoramic views. The brushless G-3D gimbal is included and fitted above the removal camera. This gimbal (3-axis) houses several Go Pro drone camera models. The transmitter is impressive to its right. The DEVO F12E communicates across 12 channels. It displays OSD, telemetry and FPV readings on its 5-inch screen. There is an exclusive Advanced Intelligence Orientation Control system from the manufacturer, a circle me to feature, a position holds feature, original key return to base features, and a failsafe back to base function when communication is cut off, and the battery is running low. The 5,400mAh 22.2-volt LiPo battery supports a flying time of 25 minutes. The range is 500 meters. No on-screen lag was detectable on display. The improved GPS, 25-minute flight time, 3-axis gimbal, and failsafe return to base feature are the standouts here.

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