In the personal drone world, the Yuneec brand has quickly yuneec typhoon become synonymous with quality production. Their Typhoon G product is no exception and extends out the popularity of their brand which has produced a long line of rapid releases sporting new advancements. Besides their other impressive Q500 model, the Typhoon G is their premium GoPro compatible drone with cameras. The range of features include a watch me feature to focus on you, a circle near us feature for circular visuals, a follow me feature to lead the drone by altering your location, and an altitude hold feature to keep its elevation steady during flight. The included gimbal supports 3-axis for producing video clips with less movement in the frame. It makes it simple to mount a GoPro too, but will also fit some other popular GoPro action cameras too. The stability for control and video capture is excellent. The model comes with a transmitter. The ST10+successfully receives an in-flight image over 800 meters without noticeable lag making it easier to use during flight. The flight time is a middle of the range 20 minutes, rather than the 25 minutes one might expect to see here. For most people, this will still be sufficient for their needs, though.

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