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AOKESI X7 Drone Review


Thanks to advanced technology, today, finding an adult drone at an affordable price is so easy. The AOKESI X7 drone is a nice investment for grownup flying toy enthusiasts. The manufacturer of this drone is AOKESI/JETTIME. The manufacturer also has several other stylish drones under their sleeve.

The X7 has many features and the most notable ones are the 4K camera, foldable design, the long battery time of 30 minutes, nice traveling pack and others. All that is good, but even the little details matter – the features. We shall look at these features in detail in the upcoming sections.


AOKESI X7 features & technical details

Within this price range, it is hard to find a drone that comes with the same features as the AOKESI X7. You can even use this drone for your amateur photography and videography work. The camera is excellent and adjustable too. However, even for your family photos, this drone is perfect. Let us look at its physical features as well as the flight functions and performance.

Design, build quality and durability

The first thing that you will notice about the X7 is just how sleek and stylish it is. It has a slim rectangular body. When it is folded, it reduces to a small and compact rectangular size. You also do not need to remove the blades when you are folding the drone.

This is not a very big drone, but it still packs some weight as it weighs 520g. You have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

The exterior of the drone has a high quality casing. It protects the delicate interior parts. To avoid crashes, the drone has some safety features, which we will look at later.

Lastly, you get high quality brushless motors. These do not overheat even when you fly the drone at its maximum speed of 50km/h. They are quieter and they do not need a lot of care and maintenance.

Camera quality

First, this is an FPV drone and it captures high quality videos and photographs. You will watch the videos in real time in you smartphone. To do that, you need to download the app, and connect your phone WiFi to the drone WiFi.

Equipped with a 4K camera that is adjustable and has a wide field of view (120 degrees), this drone does not miss much in the footage that it captures. Since the drone has Optical Location, it is quite stable when in the air. Therefore, you can be assured of quality footage with minimal to zero distortion all the time.

We might also mention that the drone has VR mode. If you get the compatible VR goggles, you will have the most immersive first person view experience.

Batteries and flight time

The JETTIME X7 drone is supplied with 2500mAh capacity battery. The battery can give you a flight time of up to 30 minutes. At least, that is what the manufacturer claims. Realistically, you can get up to 28 minutes, give or take a little. You can see that you need a second, perhaps even a third battery so that you can enjoy a longer flight time. The charging time is 120 minutes for one battery.

JETTIME says that they will also send an extra battery, so check in the package when the drone is delivered to you.

These batteries are safe. They are also easy to insert and remove from the drone. When the drone is delivered to you, both batteries are charged, so you just have to get your drone ready for flight.


Unlike the bulky controllers that we have been used to from other drones, this one is slim in design and light in weight. It has a retractable smartphone holder that can fit almost all smartphone sizes. The sticks and the buttons are responsive and they do not feel too sensitive. It does not have an LCD screen to display battery information, but it is a nice controller.


The AOKESI X7 drone is sold with a high quality gray backpack. It is large enough to fit all the accessories the drone comes with. It is zippered for safety. Whether you use it for storage or transport, your drone is going to be safe.

Flight features, functions and performance

The main thing that makes the X7 so user-friendly is the automated flight functions. Thus, if you are looking for a drone that you can fly manually, this is not it. Having automated functions is good because pilots of all levels of experience can fly the drone.

Return To Home Functions

There are three return home functions. The first one is signal lost return. There is no need to worry that you are going to lose your drone. Then there is the one key return. With this one, you just need to press the key and the drone returns home. Finally, we have the low power auto return. Just like the signal lost return, this one is automatic.

Altitude Hold and Optical Location

These are the two most important functions for holding the drone stable and at the same height through the flight experience. This leaves you free to enjoy your horizontal flight as the drone maintains the same flight height.

Follow Me Mode

Get the drone to follow you from a respectable distance at your speed, capturing high quality video and photo footage all the time.

Point of interest

Get the drone to circle a point of interest that you want with just a touch of a button. This is important when you want to capture longer footage of a certain object. The drone will continuously circle that object or person.

Trajectory flight

With the trajectory flight function, you can draw the flight path that you would like your drone to follow.  Pick the interesting scenes and draw the flight path along them so that the footage can be interesting.

One key take off and landing

As an excellent feature for beginners, the one key take off and landing makes it possible to launch the drone without any trouble. Just press the key and the drone either takes off and hovers at a given height, or comes back home to hover at a given height.

AOKESI X7 4K Camera

Short summary of feedback from existing owners

I could hardly believe that the AOKESI X7 drone can give 60 minutes of flight time. Well, it didn’t! I was able to get 25 minutes from each battery. Geoff O.

I have gotten excellent footage from this drone. The camera is incredible! Lucinda W.

My wife recently bought me this drone on our 40th anniversary. I am waiting for my grandson to come so we can kick a** together with it. Khalid P.

Be prepared for the longest flight time of your life, in a good way though, since this drone has two high capacity batteries. I flew it in about 20MPH winds and it was not blown away. Calvin N.

Stable camera with wide field of view, incredible build quality but I still think the price is too high considering that it lacks obstacle sensors. Sergio G.


  • Auto return home feature ensures drone safety
  • Long flight time from the two batteries
  • Strong and durable build
  • Foldable design makes drone easy to pack for traveling
  • Comes with a high quality pack for storage and traveling
  • Takes good photos and videos even at the high speed of 50km/h


  • The drone is a bit heavy so it lacks functions such as 3D rolls and flips
  • The price is high especially without coupons and discounts

AOKESI X7 Follow Me

Who should buy the AOKESI X7 drone?

This is a good toy for adults who have some experience flying drones. However, even if you are a beginner, you can buy it, but take your time learning how to fly it before taking it out in the field. If you are looking for a good aerial camera that will not cost you an arm and a leg, get the AOKESI X7 drone. It has a 4K camera that stays stable even when the drone shakes.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With the long battery life, the high quality camera, the many automated flight functions and durable build, this is a good drone to buy for keeps. Before you can get to fly the drone though, read the user manual carefully, learn how everything works. You can also extra batteries if you like and please… only use the charger that the drone comes with. Get VR goggles for a more intense FPV time.

Show me the price !

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