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GPS Drones Under $100

Discover budget-friendly drones equipped with advanced GPS capabilities. In this category, we review and recommend drones that offer precision flight and navigation without breaking the bank. Explore a selection of reliable models that combine affordability with GPS-enhanced performance.


XKJ K911 MAX Review

Over time, many drones have been made available in different packages to meet different budgets. For instance, the XKJ K911 Max comes with/without obstacle avoidance, with one, two or three batteries.

The extra features cost more, but they can be worth it. Obstacle avoidance is for safety because it prevents your aircraft from crashing into things. More batteries mean a longer flight time.

In the product description, the manufacturer says the K911 Max has an 8K camera, but most people who have used it do not agree. It is more like 4K, or lower! Thus, if you are buying it on account of the camera alone, you might want to think twice.

The user manual seems to be mostly available in Chinese. Also, you need to be aware of flying it in the wind because it is so light and it will be hard to trim. GPS positioning takes too long to start working.

You can see there are a number of downsides to the aircraft. It is still a good entry level drone that will teach you the basics of flying and taking aerial footage.

Keep reading to see its features and other details.

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JJRC X21 Review

JJRC is a respected dronemaker that has been making all types of hobby drones for many years.

They have basic quadcopters for beginners and they have some with advanced features. The JJRC X21 is one of the latter since it comes with omni-directional obstacle avoidance.

In their lineup, you are going to find quadcopters such as the JJRC X19, JJRC A353GW, and JJRC X16 which we reviewed earlier.

The X21 is small, sleek and well built. It is packed with dual cameras, brushless motors, 5-inch foldable props and many other features.

Another of the most notable features is the camera. This drone comes with a high quality 4K camera. If you are looking to get your foot into aerial shooting, you can start on this beautiful drone.

Every drone has its flipside. This one is not any different because the remote control uses 2 AA batteries. This looks like an advanced hobby drone with obstacle avoidance, long flight time and many more. We feel that a remote controller with an integrated rechargeable battery would have been much better.

Another thing is the low takeoff weight of this drone. It is about 165g, which is too light and might be hard to trim in the wind. However, as you read along, you will find out how good the flight performance is because of the brushless motors.

Keep reading as we look at its features and functions

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LYZRC L900 Pro

LYZRC L900 Pro Review

The LYZRC L900 is a small, foldable and affordable quadcopter that comes with advanced features such as 5G image transmission. Therefore, you can access live video feeds on your smartphone, using the app, from a long distance.

That is not all, because this drone also comes with wind resistance level 7, which means it can do well in a shore breeze.

This drone also supports many flight functions that make it so easy to fly for beginners. Some functions such as surround mode are for fun and hands-free flights while others such as aircraft retrieval and one key return functions are for safety. We shall look at them in detail later.

But there are two “downsides” if we can call them that. First, this drone does not come with batteries and secondly, it does not come with a remote controller.

You will have to get those separately, which is more trouble than is necessary.

Also, some users have complained that while it is advertised as a 4K camera drone, the resolution of the photos does not really come down as 4K. Rather, it looks more like 1080P.
LYZRC L900 Pro
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HR iCAMERA4 H4 Drone Review

When you are ordering the HR iCAMERA4 H4 drone, you will find that it comes in two versions. The first one comes with brushless motors. The second version has coreless brushed motors.

The one with the brushless motors will cost you more money than the one with the coreless motors.

Most people ask: Which is better: a coreless motor or brushless motor drone?

Well, brushless motors are definitely better since they do not have brushes or commutators. As a result, such motors can last longer, give a more powerful performance, and they do not overheat.

The coreless motors are brushed. Thus, they might overheat when you fly the drone for too long.

You will also choose whether you want to buy the drone with one, two or three batteries. Of course, the package with two or three batteries will cost more money. But it is worth it because you will get a longer flight time.
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HR iCAMERA3 H3 Drone Review

The HR iCamera3 H3 camera drone comes in two color options, which are black and orange. In addition, you can buy it with one, two or three battery options. Of course, we would recommend that you go for the package with two or three batteries so that you can have more fun.

Since one battery can give you a flight time of 25 minutes, two of them would give you a longer and more fun time with the quadcopter.

Other things that this quad comes with include GPS connection and several automatic flight functions. At first glance, this looks like a good quadcopter for beginners.

However, it also has a downside or two. For instance, there have been complaints about the quality of the camera. Therefore, it might not be a true 6K HD camera as the manufacturer claims, but we will find out in the coming sections.

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