Using a Phone vs Tablet while Flying Drones

On the following post I will try to answer the question what is better for flying drones – Mobile phone or tablet?

For connecting the tablet to the remote controller, you need adapter and longer cable (Longer than the cable that comes with the drone). Both adapter and cable cost is $20.


I’m using the following:

*The DJI Mini 2 remote controller it’s the same remote controller that use also for Mini Pro 3, Mavic 3, Mavic Air 2 and Air 2S.

The Tablet have larger screen while the phone is smaller and provide better portability.


Using Phone While Flying Drones Pros

  • Portability – The phone is small, and we are anyway going to anywhere with it?
  • Light weight
  • We go everywhere with our cell phone

Using Phone While Flying Drones Cons

  • Small screen – you can see less details

Using Tablet While Flying Drones Pros

  • Large screen – you can see much more details and it’s easier to shoot

Using Tablet While Flying Drones Cons

Flying DJI Mini2 Using Tablet
Flying DJI Mini2 Using Tablet


It’s easier to shoot with the tablet. On the larger screen you can see much more details so its defiantly easier and better from using the phone for shooting. I think that best is using them both, in cases that you need portability – use the phone on the other cases use the tablet. I’m using 5 years old iPad as my tablet and it’s working great.

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A Beginner Pilot Tip That Will Save You Money and Frustration

You decided that you want to buy new drone, but you have zero experience in flying drones, and you never flied a drone. The following tip will save you money and frustration.

With the improvement of the drone technology, it become more and more easy to fly drones but still you need to gain some flying experience especially with controlling the flight sticks. Any beginner drone pilot will crush his drone especially on it first attempts.

I heard many stories about people that bought expensive drones and crashed them on their first flights, crashes who led to an expensive repairs.

To save the money and frustration – buy small low-cost indoor drone and practice flying on this drone. Controlling and flying small indoor drone with the sticks is similar to controlling larger and more expensive drone. The idea is that you will build your flight experience and practice flying not expensive drone. You can find great indoor drone for practicing for $20 – $30 so even if you will crash it badly you only risk $20 – $30…

Flying indoor drones is also fun and can improve your drone flying skills so when you are buying your first drone, I would recommend you to add also low cost indoor drone to the order and use it for practicing.

How to Buy the Best Drones at Low Costs

8 Best Drone Buying Tips For Beginners

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Drone is Not Connecting To My Phone – Troubleshooting Steps

Drone Connect Using WiFi

My drone is not connecting to my phone – What can I do?

You bought new drone, you read the drone manual and ready to go and fly it for the first time.
You are trying to connect your drone and the drone is not connecting to your phone…

On the following post I will try to help you solving the connection problem, so let’s get started.

Drone connection to mobile – options

Option one – WiFi
Many of the drones connecting to the phone over the WiFi. This mean that the connection is wireless, and you need to power on your drone, search for it on your phone WiFi under “Available networks” and when finding – choose it and connect.

Drone Connect Using WiFi

Option two – connection using cable
In this option you connect the drone remote controller to your phone using cable. This is the method is use in DJI drones for example.

DJI Drone - Connect Using Cable

Troubleshooting steps

  • Install the latest drone app – each drone has its app. You need to verify that you are installing the correct app on the latest version
  • Try Restarting the drone
  • Try restarting your smart phone
  • Try with tablet
  • Try with different phone – it would be good to try with different phone like if it’s not working with iPhone – try with Android and vice versa.
  • Try different cable – for drones connecting with cable it will be good to try with different cable to verify that the cable I not the cause for the problem. Usually, drone connecting with cable coming with two cables – one for android and one for iPhone.

I came across cases that you bought new drone, connected it and all work well. After some time, the drone stopped connecting to your smart phone. The cause could be phone OS upgrade so check if your phone OS updated.

Of course, that the problem could be issue on drone / remote controller. Because of this it’s highly important to buy drone from known seller that give warranty. Most sellers giving one year warranty, and this is highly important.

I had problem on the past with DJI drone that I bought that didn’t connect to my phone. I tried with different phones (Android and iOS with different cables of course) and also with two different tablets without success. I took the drone to DJI service in my country, they found that the problem was on the remote controller and gave me new remote controller. This demonstrates the importance of buying drones from reliable manufacturer with good service.

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