SMRC ICAT1 Pro Review

Sometimes, you will find an affordable drone that has features such as brushless motors, two cameras, 3D VR mode and many more. The SMRC ICAT1 Pro is such a drone. You can opt to order this quadcopter with one, two or three batteries. It also comes with a nice carry-case. Of course, there are more features, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

When you get this quad, make sure that the package contains the drone itself, one remote controller, the number of batteries that you ordered, a user manual, two propellers, a screwdriver, the storage bag and a charging cable.


DEERC D20 Mini Drone Review

DEERC D20 mini drone comes from a well-stocked stable of different types of toys such as DE36, DE33, DE32, DE37, DE38 and many others. It is high quality and it makes a perfect gift for boys and girls.

DEERC is the one-stop-center for stunt cars and toys. They bring many toys such as indoor and outdoor remote controlled trucks, cars and robots.

And now, they have added a drone – the DEERC D20 toy drone.

To give you a glimpse of the features that this drone comes with, you will get a 720P HD camera, 3D flips, FPV transmission and many others. For such a small size, this drone comes with a lot to write home about.

But like any other drone, the D20 also has some downsides. For example, it has a minimal weight, which makes it quite unstable in the wind. In fact, this drone can vanish easily even in a small gust.


KK13 Dragonfly Review

Despite the KK13 Dragonfly drone having an excellent foldable design, durable build and coming with many features, some small flaws do water down its awesomeness.

The first flaw is in the camera. It has a jello effect. It also has a slight shakiness and therefore, to a practiced eye, the photos will appear distorted.

The second flaw is that this drone is unstable even in the lowest velocity winds. Once again, this will affect the quality of your footage.

Does this mean it is not a great drone?

Far from it! Never will you have a drone that is 100 percent perfect. Therefore, this Anafi drone lookalike comes highly recommended by many advanced pilots. You can live with the flaws that it comes with.

Keep reading for in the upcoming sections, we are going to outline the features of the quadcopter, the design and build quality, flight functions, the pros and cons.
KK13 Dragonfly

Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7 Drone Review

For a freestyle-racing drone, the Flywoo Vampire2 HD is a good choice. It looks and performs like a monster. Once you start flying the drone, you will agree that it does not want to do a slow flight at all.
You can buy the Vampire2 HD with the TBS Crossfire receiver at an affordable price. However, for more money, you can get it with a BNF DJI receiver or you can get it with BNF-DJI with Goggles. Whatever package you get, you want to know whether it will be worth the money.

The drone also comes in two versions – the 6S and 4S. One thing that you will notice with either version, which by the way comes in gold or titanium color, is that the hardware is high quality. The inclusion of an integrated DJI air unit as well as the GOKU F405 flight controller makes things interesting.

There is a downside though, one that is common with all racer drones. Therefore, do not be deceived by the low price because you will be required to buy other components such as a 4S or 6S battery and a DJI low latency remote controller, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. Overall, the Vampire2 HD will cost you more than $500 to fly it.
Flywoo Vampire2 HD F7

JJRC X13 Review

For this price, we must say that this drone has quite a lot going for it. However, price alone is not enough to make you buy a drone. Therefore, in the upcoming sections of this article, we shall look at the JJRC X13 drone features, flight functions, build and design quality and even the pros and cons.

This drone is a DJI Phantom look-alike. However, there is no problem in that since many drones look alike. However, even though it doesn’t measure up to the Phantom, still, there are good things to say about it. For example, many drones in this price range come with brushed motors, but the X13 comes with brushless ones.

This drone does not come without its downsides too:

For example, it is not a foldable drone. While this is not a big deal, it would have been great to make the drone foldable.

Another thing that you may not like about this drone is the JJRC X app. On Google Play, there are quite a number of complaints about the poor connectivity and other issues.

The other disadvantage is that while this drone is a 4K camera, it will only record 720P videos if you do not have a memory card to store your footage.

Keep reading as we explore more of the features of this drone in detail.