4DRC F6 Drone Review

The 4DRC F6 drone looks like a high quality piece of work that beginners as well as advanced pilots can enjoy flying.

The bold and masculine looks of the 4DRC F6 quadcopter endear it to many men. To enhance its style, it comes with two nice looking LED lights on either side of the nose at the top. They make it easy to spot when you are flying the quadcopter in lowly lit conditions.

Other things that you can look forward to include a nice storage case, two modular batteries and the excellent build quality. Of course, we shall look at all these in more detail later in this article.

Just as with any other drone, there are always some downsides. For instance, it seems that the 1080P resolution is just hype and that this is more of a 720P or even a lesser resolution camera. Therefore, do not hinge your hopes on this camera for aerial footage.

Another downside is that even with the slightest 1 MPH wind, the drone veers away and becomes quite hard to control.

In some isolated cases, users have complained that the drone lost signal mid-flight. These Are many things to worry about, but there are equally good things.

Keep an open mind!
4DRC F6 Drone

FIMI X8 Mini Review

The mini drones seem to be getting better if the FIMI X8 Mini drone that was launched on 6th April 2021 is anything to go by. Imagine a mini drone with a flight range of 8KM, incredible flight performance, a real 4K camera (with night shooting mode) and many more. And no, it is not a DJI Mini.

Pilots can be able to share live videos on their social media, of course, on the drone app. In addition, this mini comes with noise reduction technology and the flight range is quite long at 8KM thanks to the remote controller that supports 5GHz frequency.

Other things that it comes with include the 3X zoom camera, automatic flight functions, long flight range and night shooting mode.

Any downsides? One of them is the price because this mini retails at more than $400. Therefore, to know whether it is worth the money, you should see the features, which we are going to discuss in the upcoming section.

FIMI X8 Mini Image
FIMI X8 Mini Image

Tomzon D40 Drone Review

If you would like a lightweight quadcopter that takes good quality pictures and video, you might want to try the Tomzon D40 Drone. It weighs 240g, which is just 10g shy of the threshold within which you are required to register it with the FAA.

This drone is going to set you back a good amount of money. Therefore, you want to be sure that you will get good value for the money. You can only know that by looking at the features, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

When you get the package, it will have the Tomzon D40 drone, lithium ion battery, one remote controller, a screwdriver, carry bag and a spare set of propellers.
Tomzon D40  4K Camera

Holy Stone HS340 Drone Review

If you need a mini drone that you can fly easily both indoors and outdoors, you might want to try the Holy Stone HS340 mini drone with the throw go function. You just toss it into the air and it takes off, after calibration.

Of course, this small drone also comes with other flight functions. In addition, it has a camera so that you can have fun taking aerial footage.

Since this is a mini drone, it lacks many things too. For instance, it does not have wind resistance, so it will be unstable and hard to trim even in the lowest velocity wind. All it takes to make the drone fly away for good is a small to medium strength gust.

Another downside is that this mini is not foldable.

Because of the many smart ways to fly the drone, it is good for beginner adults as well as kids. However, as an adult beginner, you will soon outgrow the drone and you will probably want to get something bigger.

Holy Stone HS340 Mini Drone

EACHINE E58 Pro Drone Review

This is one of the most affordable camera drones with 1080P camera. It can make a good gift for a kid who is celebrating something or who is looking to get into drones. This aircraft comes with some admirable features and many automatic flight functions. If you are looking for a good toy drone to learn how to fly, you can use this one.

All the same, this small drone has some downsides. First, it is too light in weight. Therefore, it is hard to trim even in the lowest velocity wind. It is best that you fly it indoors so that you can see how it performs before you can try flying it outdoors.

Overall, you can tell whether a drone is good enough for you by looking at its features. Therefore, we shall see the features that this one comes with.