If this is not the most beautiful drone out here in the market, perhaps beauty has lost its meaning. The color combination is quite appealing, so is the design and the style of the SNAPTAIN SP660 drone.

It has black and red blades, the splash of colors on the back of the drone make it eye catching indeed. However, this is not strange at all because SNAPTAIN makes some of the most attractive drones in the market.

However, there is more to this drone than just the good looks. Some time back, we looked at the SNAPTAIN A15, which is a foldable, nimble and agile drone that was released in 2018. From their past specimens, we have come to expect the very best from them. They have not excelled in looks alone, but in performance as well.

What are some of its features, in addition to the flashy lights, colors and all?  That is what we are going to look at in the upcoming sections.


SGOTA RC Drone Review

The more time passes the better the drone get and the more the features that they come with. And dare we say, the prices get even better! The SGOTA RC drone is one of the most affordable drones. While affordable is relative, when you see and experience its features, you agree that the price is quite a steal.

Take, for example, the dual camera feature. This gives you the ability to see more than you would with a single nose camera. Of course, it helps more when you are enjoying an FPV experience since you can switch cameras and catch more of the action happening ahead and under the drone.

For a person that is always on the move, you can have this drone. It is foldable, light in weight and is designed to withstand the rigors of traveling or even everyday use. Keep reading, as we look at its features and technical details in a wider perspective.

Akaso A300 Drone Review

It is hard to find a mini drone with dual cameras. Hard, but not impossible! The Akaso A300 mini drone has this feature already. This shows you just how seriously drone makers are working to meet consumer demands. The smaller it is, the faster it is and the more features it comes with, the better!

Everything about this drone is so appealing. In addition, it is targeted at beginners and kids. Therefore, you would expect it to be easy to use. That is what you get! For example, to fly this drone, you just need to turn it on, turn on the transmitter and calibrate it for flight. Just like that, your mini drone will be up and soaring.

The fact that this is a small drone meant for kids and beginners should not dissuade you from buying it. Even if you are a pro, it is a good item to add to your collection. Besides, she does fly well (albeit in calm weather) and she captures stunning video and photo footage for her size.

When you get your package delivered at home, for formality, just ensure that it contains the following: The drone itself, remote controller, 3.7V 500mAh Li-po battery, 4 propeller guards, 2 spare rotor blades, a USB charging cable, a quick manual and a screwdriver.

Akaso A300

ScharkSpark SS40 Drone Review

This is a very affordable drone, but at the same time, it is full of features. Everything about the drone oozes quality, right from the styling, the colors and the build. The combination of the yellow and black colors makes this drone really stand out from the crowd. It has functions such as flight path, FPV, altitude hold and the ground breaking voice command technology. The ScharkSpark SS40 may be a small drone targeted at beginners, but it gives great value for money.

Honestly, some of the features that you will find in this drone are mostly found in bigger drones. For example, it even has wind resistance. You do not find such a feature in the small drones. You also find some good safety features and functions, which we will discuss in detail in the upcoming sections.

ScharkSpark Drone SS40

EACHINE E520S Drone Review

The EACHINE E520S is a smart quadcopter that serves beginners as well as experienced users alike. However, its most notable feature is the camera. This is the perfect solution for anyone that wants a high quality aerial camera to capture their outdoor activities.

When you are out there having fun, you need a drone with follow me mode and a high quality camera to capture your footage. You may need a camera drone like the EACHINE E520S. It is easy to see why this product will give you good value for money. First, it is affordable, considering all the features that it comes with, we can say the price is a real steal.

EACHINE has a reputation for making some of the most stylish drones in the market. Their EACHINE E511S, which we reviewed earlier, is a great selfie drone. The E520S is much more than that. With a powerful 4K camera and durable build, you can buy it with confidence knowing you will get good value for money. What are some of its features? What is the build like? What is its flight performance? We will look at these and more items in the upcoming sections.