The New FAA Rule Regarding Drone Registration Number Display

The FAA or The Federal Aviation Administration has come up with many safety guidelines governing the aerospace system. Most recently, the FAA has added one new rule, which requires small drone owners to mark the registration number issued by FAA on the outer surface of the aircraft. The said rule will be effective from February, 25 this year. As against earlier, owners and operators are no longer allowed to write these registration numbers in the interiors of the aircraft. Before getting into the details of the law, let us tell you that if you’re flying a quad which weighs .55 pounds to 55 pounds, you have to get it registered.

Drones Under .55 Pounds – No FAA Registarion Needed

Altair Outlaw Review

The Altair drones never disappoint. If you are looking for a drone that can do professional-quality videos and photographs, yet buy it at an affordable price, go for the Altair Outlaw.

This company (Altair Aerial) has been making affordable drones right from inside the USA. The Outlaw is one of their flagship products. This is a good drone for all skill levels. As you will see in this review, it has been designed with many, if not all of the features that the costlier drones come with. It is also one of the safest drones to fly. At last, here is a drone that you can fly without fear of losing it forever just because it went out of signal range, or the battery drained out.


Available at less than $200 on many online marketplaces and with incredible features to boot, the JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIK drone is without doubt a good 1080p HD drone. It is stylishly and sleekly built too, nice looking in design.

This is one of those affordable brushless motor drones, and if you know motors, then you know just how good brushless is. Whether you are an advanced drone pilot and you have had a couple of them before or this is your very first one, you will love it. Besides, the price, as you have already seen, is more than justified by the features, as you will see in the upcoming sections.

Le-idea IDEA9 Review

The le-Idea IDEA9 is a fantastic piece of work, with so many features. You can do many things with the drone, from taking awesome video and photo footage to flying smoothly without any hiccups. This is a big camouflaged drone, so it is very impressive even by the looks alone. It looks like something that you would use in a Desert Storm kind of thing. If you are looking for the best cheap drone for wind, you have it.

Good looks and good features make a perfect, or near perfect drone. Add to that the incredible price, about $200, and in some online marketplaces, it is even possible to find it at less than $200. Now that is a good deal for a camo drone that is huge, packs a flight time of 15 minutes, has FPV, takes 1080P video footage and many more. In this le-idea IDEA9 review, you will see all the features that you will get.

Potensic D20 Review

What is a nano drone? This is just another word for a small, fit-in-the palm drone. These are small, good for kids and beginners and they cost a minimal price. As you will no doubt see when you go to check out the Potensic D20 Nano drone, they even cost less than $50 sometimes and in some marketplaces. Small as they are, it is still possible to find a high quality, best nano drone with camera. But there are more basic as well as advanced features in these small cameras. When you buy this Potensic drone, you will see why this brand name has been making a lot of headway in the market for consumer drones.

Keep reading to see what kinds of features the Potensic D20 nano drone has to offer.