SNAPTAIN SP600 Drone Review

The Snaptain SP600 drone is made for people who love style. It has an appealing design and build. With this drone, you will get more than enough value for money. It also has many flight and fun features. Whether you are an advanced drone lover who has used many other drones before this one, or this is your very first drone, you will love it and will never want to part with it. The price is not too bad either. SNAPTAIN drones are good lookers, as you can remember about the S5C, which we reviewed earlier.

HUBSAN H501s X4 Pro Review

When you buy the HUBSAN H501s drone, well, you will never regret your investment. Would you like a drone that can do 20 minutes of flight time on one charge, has a modular battery, first person view and a good camera for your personal videos and photos? Who wouldn’t? For a combination of fun and functionality, drones in this price range do not come any better than the H501s. However, HUBSAN is well known brand name in the market with many good things to offer for different market segments.

There are so many commendable features in this drone. It is a stylish and good-looking drone. At the same time, it brings you quite a wide variety of features. The performance of this drone is incredible, to say the least. The pricing is very fair, considering the number of features it comes with. With features such as follow me mode, you can have the drone track and follow the remote controller. You can concentrate on shooting your videos and photographs while the drone flies almost by itself.

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Potensic U47 Drone Review

The ridiculously large, circular prop guards and the small cylindrical body of the Potensic U47 drone make it hard to love at first sight. That notwithstanding, it is a good drone and the price is so affordable.

In any case, didn’t we learn that you should never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a drone by its looks? What then should you look forward to in the U47? A lot. First, it is a Potensic and that says quite a lot. Up there in the same league as DJI, Yuneec and other greats, you know you can never go too wrong with this drone. And indeed, as you will see here, for less than $90, you will get a nice drone, with camera, FPV mode, different speed modes and other features.

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Contixo F24 Drone Review

The Contixo F24 drone is a compact, foldable drone that looks really stylish in design. When you want a bold and rugged drone that is not going to cost you an arm and a leg, you should go for this one.

But we all know that a drone is as good as its features, the biggest of them being the camera, the technical features, and the flight and safety features. The F24 drone has an abundance of them. The price is not too bad either. When you fly it for some time, you will concede that this was money well spent. If you are looking for a fairly priced camera drone for your personal videos and photos, this is it. If you are an advanced drone pilot and you just want an affordable, yet exhilarating drone, get this one.

Le-idea IDEA10 Drone Review

It is a case of love at first sight when you see the le-idea IDEA10 drone. It is shipped in a nice, compact package. You may also use this case for traveling with the drone. The case is lined with a foam layer that makes it shockproof. This means that even if you drop it on the floor, you will be putting your drone at risk of breaking it. Everything fits in the case nicely, including the controller and the battery.

When you get the drone delivery, ensure the package has a 3.7V 1800mAh battery, 4 spare propeller blades, remote controller, the drone itself, microUSB cable, a screwdriver and 2 user manuals. If you have some experience with drones, putting the le-idea IDEA10 drone together should be a straightforward process. However, it is always good practice to read the user manual first so that you do not fly the drone blindly.