Tomzon D25 Drone Review

Do you want a small, lightweight and affordable drone that performs pretty well in gusty conditions? You ought to try the Tomzon D25. However, this does not mean that you take this drone right out in high velocity winds. It means that it can fly just fine in a breeze, without danger of losing it.

This is a small quadcopter with many good things going for it. It has excellent flight performance. On the same note, it has some misgivings too. For example, some users complain about the video and photo quality. Some have even had issues with the drone failing to respond to return to home commands, but such cases are rare and few in between.

The price is affordable, but if you know toy-class quadcopters, you will agree that features are more important than the price. Keep reading to see the features that the D25 comes with.

Tomzon D25

Dragon Touch DF01 Review

If you are looking for a simple to use and affordable drone to practice flying with, you can get the Dragon Touch DF01.

If you have experience flying these quadcopters, you would do better with a higher-priced one, with more features. This one is too basic for an advanced user.

Before you get it …

There have been some complaints about the DF01. One of them is that it runs with the wind, meaning even the smallest breeze makes it go way out of its way.

Some users say it is hard to trim and therefore, it can crash into anything. However, if you don’t mind such an issue, you will still find it a lot of fun to fly.

Other complaints that users have registered include the app crashing, the advertised battery flight time not being true and cheap build quality.

Is there some good to be found in this drone then? Let us find out in the upcoming sections.

Dragon Touch DF01

Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS Review

If you are looking for an affordable camera drone that can take good quality footage, you can get the Holy Stone HS720E.

It comes equipped with effective electronic image stabilization (EIS). And that is not all! It also has a Sony sensor.

We have come to expect good cameras from HS drones. For example, their HS510 drone has a true 4K camera. Of course, you cannot lack some issues here and there. For example, a mechanical stabilization beats electronic stabilization any time. However, unless you are using such an aerial camera for professional photography, it should serve you just fine.

If you calibrate the quadcopter properly, you will not have any trouble flying it blindly, with the transmitter alone, without FPV. Overall, this Chinese drone maker has perfected the art of making affordable but feature-packed quadcopters.

Keep reading to explore some of its most outstanding features.

Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS

JJRC X15 Dragonfly Review

The JJRC X15 Dragonfly is an aggressive drone. It has some unique features such as the camera with a wide field of view at 160° and a stylish, sleek shape. When you order it online, you have the option of buying it with one, two or three batteries. Even with the three batteries, the buying price is still below the $200 mark.

Other things that make the drone worth having include the electronic stabilization for the camera, the long battery life and the remote controller with a built-in battery. It also has good flight functions that make it a lot of fun and safe to fly for beginners. Of course, we shall look at all these in more detail in the upcoming sections.

JJRC X15 Dragonfly

SNAPTAIN A10 Drone Review

When you read this SNAPTAIN A10 mini drone review, you will realize that toy-class drones are becoming a lot better and they pack more tech.

And it is no surprise at all, because renowned brand names like this one have been making awesome toy aircraft with good features. For example, the SNAPTAIN A15 quadcopter that we reviewed earlier has many fun features and functions.

Even this one (A10) is not any different, you know, apart from size. However, as much as it has quite a lot going for it, it still has some worrying downsides.

For example, many people have reported that it drifts too much and that trimming it is hard work. It is too light in weight so if you plan to fly it outdoors, you should choose a super calm day. Even a small breeze will make it fly away.

Another issue worth mentioning is that the app fails to work with older mobile technologies. Therefore, if you have an older iPhone or Android mobile, you may have trouble using the app.

Might we also mention that the propeller guards are too fragile, so if there is a crash, you might still damage your propellers.

But there are some incredible things about a quadcopter this small and in such a low price range. Keep reading as we look at its features, flight functions, pros and cons in deeper detail.