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Attop X Pack 8 Review

Attop X Pack 8

Attop is one of the leading aerial and remote controlled toy makers from China. They make incredible specimens and the Attop X Pack 8 drone is one of them. They also make RC cars, W Series of drones and RC planes. While there are many drones from China, this one is unique because it is so stylish. It is embellished with colors and lights, something that makes it stand out among many of its peers.

In this Attop X Pack 8 drone review, you will see why you should buy it. It comes with some of the best features. For its price, it is quite a good investment and it has some nice fun features such as 3D flips. If you are looking for an aerial camera that you can use to record your outdoor adventures with your family without denting the wallet, buy this one

Attop X Pack 8

Attop X Pack 8 Features & Technical Details

Largely, this drone comes with all of the features that its peers in this price range come with. However, it may have a few extras and of course, the one thing that makes it stand out is the beautiful looks, the LED lights and the colors.

Design, build quality, durability and the package

Everything comes in a beautiful package. It is a secure, nice box and that shows the concern of the manufacturer. When you get the package, it should have the following:

  • The X-Pack 8 drone
  • One, 3.7V Lipo battery
  • User manual and APP user guide
  • 2 bonus propeller blades
  • AAA batteries – 3 of them
  • A screwdriver
  • Controller

We can say a lot about the design. First, this is a quadcopter, meaning it has four propellers. Under the front two propellers, you get two LED lights that flash in blue color. If you want to fly your drone at night, these lights will make it easy for you to keep visual contact with it.

The Attop X Pack 8 is a foldable drone. That is good news for travelers because you can reduce its size considerably and take it with you wherever you want to go. The propellers pile up towards the back when you fold the drone, making it look like a poised amphibian.

When the drone is unfolded, it measures 11.2 by 11.2 by 2.6 inches and when folded, it measures 5.3 by 5.1 by 2.9 inches. It weighs 157 g, and so you do not even have to register it with the FAA. Just buy the drone and fly it.

This is a high quality drone. Everything oozes quality. For example, the casing is made of strong ABS plastic, and it protects the interior parts of the drone if there is a crash.

The 6-axis gyro system makes the drone quite stable when in flight. It also makes it easy to control, especially as the drone comes with optical flow positioning.

Camera – video and picture quality

The X-Pack 8 drone comes with a fixed front camera. This is a 720P video camera and it takes good quality videos. At the same time, it shoots good pictures 2MP resolution. The best memories are captured in photos and videos and this drone enables you to do that. With wide angle of view of 120 degrees, you can capture footage with a lot of background.

You will get a nice FPV experience from this drone. The transmitter comes with a smartphone holder, so you should find it easy to use all the time. You will have to download the app, but do not worry because it works seamlessly on your android or iOS smartphone.


Finally, you get a drone that is shipped with the batteries for the transmitter. However, as for the drone battery, it is a bit of a lower capacity one since it is a 3.7V 800mAh lithium polymer battery. It offers the user about 8 minutes of flight time. Thus, you may want to order for one or two batteries so that you can increase your flight time. For the transmitter, you get 3 AAA batteries. They are easy to buy in the stores too. The charging time for the drone battery is 90 minutes.


It has all the bells and whistles and has a retractable phone holder at the top rather than at the bottom. There is a joystick on the left and right side as well as knobs and buttons for different functions. Another thing that you will love about this transmitter is that it is ergonomic in design, so you can hold it for a long time without feeling cramped in your hands. The control range for the transmitter is 50 meters.

Flight features

Optical flow positioning

The first and most notable of the flight features and functions is the optical flow positioning. This is especially vital for providing the stability that enhances the quality of the videos and photos. When you bring the drone to hover, it will lock on to a given point and stay stable right there. Thanks to the optical flow positioning and the 6-axis gyro system, you can take very nice videos and photos when the drone is airborne.

Attop X Pack 8 Optical Flow Positioning

Gravity control

This feature works in the same way as the altitude hold feature. It is great for beginners. When you are flying the drone, it means that you do not have to worry about the altitude. Just worry about the horizontal flight as the built-in gravity control function takes care of the altitude hold for you.

Headless mode

With headless mode, you do not have to worry about where the drone is headed. Of course, since the control range of the X-Pack 8 is 50 meters, you will be able to see where the drone faces. You can just engage headless mode and let the drone fly as you concentrate on capturing good videos and photographs.

Trajectory flight

This is a fun technology that allows you to draw the route that you would like your drone to follow on the app. When you launch it, it is going to follow that route. This is a fun feature, but like headless mode, it controls the direction of the flight while you just concentrate on getting videos and photos.

Voice control

Yet another fun feature, you can just tell the drone what you want it to do using voice commands. You can enable this function on the app. You can tell the drone to go forward, to come back, to do a flip and so on.

AR Game

This is a game. It is a very exciting game where you can engage your enemies in an airborne battle. You will find the game on the game page in the app.

One key takeoff and landing function

If this is your first drone, you will love this feature. You just need to engage it and the drone either starts to come back home or starts to take off. It has become one of the standard features especially in the small drones targeted at beginners.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I was a bit apprehensive about the short flight time, still am, but I think this is worth the money. I would have loved it to come with two batteries or a higher capacity battery, but it is what it is. Dan K.

If you are looking for a first drone that will not cost you much, I would recommend that you get this one. It comes with enough advanced features to make it exciting enough. Henry B.

I love this drone, but I will be upgrading to one with higher specs such as long flight time, high-resolution camera and so on in the near future. Marvin T.

I wanted a nice inexpensive gift for my son when he turned 13 and so I ordered this to be delivered when he was at a friend’s house so I could surprise him. He is so happy with it. Havi L.

The camera quality is ok but I think the remote control and WiFi range are too short. Flight time could be better too. Lee K.

Pros of Attop X Pack 8

  • It is so easy to assemble and fly
  • Trajectory flight is quite a good touch for fun
  • This drone can do 3D flips – backward, forward, right and left
  • Nice for gifts for kids
  • Very stylish design
  • Foldable design makes it good to travel with
  • You can engage in a mid-air shootout game in the App
  • Camera captures good footage in daylight

Cons of Attop X Pack 8

  • Short flight time at only 8 minutes maximum

Attop X Pack 8 One Key Take Off

Who Should Buy The Attop X Pack 8?

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your kids or for yourself, or even a friend’s kid, this drone is the real deal. It will also not set you back too much money. It is easy to assemble and fly, making it good for beginners. You also get 3 AAA batteries for the transmitter. If you are also looking for an exciting drone with good features, you can get the X-Pack 8. You will love features such as trajectory flight, AR game, and optical flow positioning.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When your Attop X-Pack 8 drone is delivered, the first thing to do is to put it together. There is a screwdriver provided for that job. To make the job easier, refer to the user manual, know what prop blade goes where and so on. When you finally get to fly it, do it in open spaces. While the control range is just 50 meters, with the wind, it is easy for the drone to be a goner or to crash into a wall or a tree first. Finally, we do recommend that you check whether you can buy a spare battery for longer flight time.

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