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BETAFPV Pavo20 Drone Review

BETAFPV Pavo20 Drone

The BETAFPV Pavo20 Brushless Whoop Quadcopter with HD Digital Bracket is a compact and powerful drone designed for both indoor and outdoor FPV racing and cinematography. Its integration with DJI O3 technology offers seamless compatibility and impressive performance within a 2” frame.

BETAFPV Pavo20 Features & Technical Details:

Wheelbase & Weight:

The Pavo20 features a compact wheelbase of 90mm, making it agile and suitable for flying in tight spaces indoors or maneuvering through obstacles outdoors.

VTX & Camera Compatibility:

The drone supports various video transmitter (VTX) options, including the DJI O3 Air Unit, Caddx Vista Kit, and RunCam Link. This flexibility allows pilots to choose their preferred VTX for optimal video transmission.

It is compatible with a range of cameras such as the DJI O3 Camera, Caddx Series, and RunCam Series with 19mm or 20mm dimensions. This compatibility enables pilots to customize their camera setup based on their FPV preferences and requirements.

Battery Slot & Recommended Battery:

The battery slot on the Pavo20 is designed to accommodate batteries with a width of 20mm and unlimited height. This design allows for versatility in battery choices, catering to varying flight time and performance needs.

Flight Controller & Motor Configuration:

Equipped with an F4 2-3S 20A AIO (All-In-One) flight controller, the Pavo20 integrates essential flight control features, including a 16MB black box, GPS support, and compatibility with external receivers.

The drone is powered by 1103 8500KV motors, providing exceptional thrust-to-weight ratio and maneuverability. These brushless motors contribute to the drone’s responsiveness and agility during flight, making it suitable for both racing and aerial cinematography.

COB LED Strip & Additional Features:

One of the standout features of the Pavo20 is its integrated COB (Chip-On-Board) LED strip. This strip allows for customizable lighting effects, enhancing the drone’s visual appeal and aiding in orientation during flight.

The drone’s frame is constructed with crash-proof PA12 material, featuring a thickened whoop duct design for added durability and protection of internal components. This design ensures resilience against impacts and crashes, prolonging the drone’s lifespan.

BETAFPV Pavo20 Drone Details

BETAFPV Pavo20 Pros:

  1. Exceptional performance and agility, suitable for indoor and outdoor flying.
  2. Seamless integration with DJI O3 technology for high-definition FPV experience.
  3. Sturdy and durable build quality, including a crash-proof PA12 thickened whoop duct.
  4. Easy installation and maintenance with redesigned solder pad layout and USB connector.
  5. Accommodates a wide range of batteries for flexible flight times and performance adjustments.
  6. Innovative COB LED strip adds visual appeal and creative lighting effects.

BETAFPV Pavo20 Cons:

  1. Some users reported issues with firmware resets and difficulties in setting up DJI controllers.
  2. Build quality concerns, including loose screws and occasional motor failures, affecting flight stability.
  3. Limited battery life with certain configurations, especially in windy conditions.

Who Should Buy this Drone?

The BETAFPV Pavo20 is suitable for FPV enthusiasts, drone racers, and cinematographers looking for a compact yet powerful drone with DJI O3 compatibility. Beginners may find the setup process challenging but rewarding with practice.


The BETAFPV Pavo20 impresses with its powerful performance, DJI O3 compatibility, and durable build quality. While it offers an exceptional FPV experience, users should be aware of potential firmware and build issues that could impact flight stability and reliability.


Despite some reported issues, the BETAFPV Pavo20 remains a top choice for those seeking a high-performance micro FPV drone with advanced features. For best results, ensure thorough setup and maintenance practices, and consider upgrading components for optimal performance and longevity.

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