EXO X7 Ranger PLUS Review

EXO X7 Ranger Plus

On Amazon, they refer to the EXO X7 Ranger PLUS as a high-end beginner adult drone with camera. Therefore, we set out to explore whether it is really high-end, by looking at the features it comes with.

Some of the most important considerations when buying a drone includes the flight range, the camera quality, battery time/flight time, and the build quality. You shall read about all those here, in detail.

There are really no serious downsides with this drone, well, except for the high price. All the same, there have been complaints that the company will claim you have crash-landed the drone if you land it on the grass and one of the motors fail.

As usual, we advise you to fly your drone when the weather is calm, no rain, no snow and no wind.

Keep reading to see the features of the EXO X7 Ranger Plus drone.
EXO X7 Ranger Plus
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Tucok 011 Review

Tucok 011 Drone

The Tucok 011 comes with a remote controller that has an LCD display. It also comes with brushless motors and level 5-wind resistance. If you would like an advanced drone to get you into the flying hobby and you do not want to spend a lot of money on popular names such as DJI, get this one.

Besides, the overall control range for this drone is quite long. Even if you are an advanced drone pilot, you will find the 011 very exciting and you probably won’t outgrow it, unless you want a racing drone. As your aerial camera of choice, you will find that it can capture stunning footage, all conditions being right.

There is a small downside to be aware of. For instance, it has a laser camera for obstacle avoidance. However, you have to install it by following the instructions in the user manual. This is a small bother, but some people find it confusing.

Keep reading as we look at the features and flight functions of the Tucok drone.

Tucok 011 Drone
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YKRC YK47 Drone Review

YKRC 47 Drone

The YKRC YK47 comes with strong motors and long-lasting batteries. Such a combination is rare to find in this price range.

If you are looking for your beginner drone, you might find the price a bit too high on this one. But no price is too high if the features and in this case, the flight functions, can justify it.

So, is the YK47 quadcopter worth the money that you will pay for it? We can only tell when we look at the features in detail. But to give you a sneak peek, the camera has a 50X zoom! How cool is that!

The flight time from one battery is quite good if it can get to the advertised flight time of 28 minutes. There are many more features.

There are also a couple of downsides, which we like to mention beforehand so that you can decide whether this is the item for you. One downside is that the remote controller does not come with a rechargeable battery.

The price is also a bit too high as compared to most other drones with similar features. For instance, the Ruko F11GIM that we reviewed earlier has almost similar features and its price is about $100 cheaper.

Let’s look at the features and flight functions of the YKRC YK47 drone.

YKRC 47 Drone
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FIMI X8 Mini Review

FIMI X8 Mini Image

The mini drones seem to be getting better if the FIMI X8 Mini drone that was launched on 6th April 2021 is anything to go by. Imagine a mini drone with a flight range of 8KM, incredible flight performance, a real 4K camera (with night shooting mode) and many more. And no, it is not a DJI Mini.

Pilots can be able to share live videos on their social media, of course, on the drone app. In addition, this mini comes with noise reduction technology and the flight range is quite long at 8KM thanks to the remote controller that supports 5GHz frequency.

Other things that it comes with include the 3X zoom camera, automatic flight functions, long flight range and night shooting mode.

Any downsides? One of them is the price because this mini retails at more than $400. Therefore, to know whether it is worth the money, you should see the features, which we are going to discuss in the upcoming section.

FIMI X8 Mini Image
FIMI X8 Mini Image

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FUNSNAP Diva Drone Review


The manufacturer says that when you fold the FUNSNAP Diva drone, it becomes a small and compact daily carry-around. That is why they refer to it as a pocket drone.

Traveling with such a lightweight drone is simple. You can even tuck it into your jacket pocket and you will be good to go, hardly feeling the weight. Despite the small size of this drone, it still performs incredibly and has a long flight time, especially since it comes with two batteries.

However, we have to admit that it takes much more than just the size and battery to make a good drone. Therefore, we shall look at the features that this quadcopter comes with.

Are there any downsides to this quadcopter? Well, some people think it is too small. However, the main downside is the cost, which might be prohibitive to some people.
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