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COOAU FX-9P Drone Review


If you are looking for a reasonably priced drone with a camera for adults, you might want to read this COOAU FX-9P review. In the review, we are going to reveal important things such as the flight time per battery, the GPS functions (if any), safety functions, camera quality and many more.

Before you buy a drone, it is best to know some of the “serious” downsides about it. For instance, the FX-9P does not come with a gimbal.

Your videos might appear a bit distorted especially if there is wind. Also, some people have reported experiencing issues when calibrating the drone, although this is for a few isolated cases.

Keep reading to see the features and functions of the 9P drone.

FX-9P Features & Technical Details

Here, you will see the physical features that this drone comes with, so you can decide whether it is value for money, or not.

Design and build quality

This quadcopter is foldable. Thus, the size reduces considerably for traveling and for storage. If you like to travel with your drone to capture aerial footage from different locations, you will love this one.

This drone has an SD card slot, so you do not have to store the footage that you capture in your smartphone. It supports SD cards of up to 64GB capacity. Before installing the SD card in the drone, you should first format it in your computer.

This drone is heavier than 250g, so you will need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it. You can complete this simple process online.

Built with high quality ABS material, this quadcopter is going to last long with good care. Remember, it also comes equipped with level 6 wind resistance.

The FX-9P comes with brushless motors. Thus, it consumes less battery charge while flying longer. The brushless motors also last a long time in great condition, they are more powerful and they make less noise.

Camera quality

This is a good aerial camera drone that comes with a 4K camera. If you would like to store the footage in the highest resolution, make sure you keep it in the SD card.

This drone also has a second camera on the belly that is for optical flow. However, you can switch between the nose and the belly camera to get a better view over the terrain that the drone flies over.

You will get a better FPV experience because this drone is 5GHz enabled. Thus, it can live-transmit images over long distances – close to 1700 feet, with good quality. To enjoy FPV, you have to download this drone’s app.

The camera also has a wide field of view at 120 degrees. The vertical angle is also adjustable remotely, by up to 90 degrees.

Battery and Flight time

This drone comes with two batteries, and this is good because there is no need to order a third battery.

These are high capacity 1700mAh batteries, with a flight time of at least 23 minutes per battery. Thus, you can get close to 50 minutes of flight time per battery. Please note that the drone can consume more battery power when flying it in the wind.

Remote controller

The simplistic design of the remote controller is very appealing since its face is not cluttered with buttons.

It also has the smartphone holder in the top side, which means you will not take your eyes off the screen too long when watching the drone. It does not have an LCD screen to display vital flight data, so you will have to use the app unless you want to fly the drone blindly.

Flight functions

This drone is equipped with many functions for fun and for making it easier to fly for beginners. Here are some of the flight functions:

Three speed modes

You get three speed modes with this drone, with the highest speed being 30MPH. If you are a beginner drone pilot, start on the low speed setting, then proceed to medium and high.

Level 6 wind resistance

The drone will hold a stable flight on the beach even when there is a breeze coming from the sea. All the same, a gust of wind can make many small drones including this one vanish.

Optical flow positioning

There is a 720P belly camera for optical flow positioning. This function helps the drone to hold a steady vertical height when flying and stay steady when it is hovering.

Waypoint flight

With this function, you can draw the route that you would like the drone to follow on the screen. Once you launch it, it will follow that route.

One key landing and takeoff

This function helps a beginner get the guesswork out of the picture. When you press this key, the FX-9P takes off and hovers at the default height waiting for the next move.

Automatic return to home

This is a vital safety function. If the battery runs low, the drone turns and comes back home. If the drone loses signal, it turns back and comes home. That way, it is hard to lose it. Please note, this function works when GPS is on.

GPS follow mode

When you enable GPS, it connects with the GPS module in your smartphone and the aircraft follows you wherever you go. It keeps a decent distance and takes good footage.

Surround mode

When you engage this function, the drone flies around a monument taking footage from all angles. Just set the radius that you would like the drone to circle the monument at.

Headless mode

With this function engaged, you do not have to worry about the alignment of the aircraft when it is flying. It will realign itself even when you change your position.

COOAU FX-9P Flight Functions

Feedback from Existing Owners

I don’t think this is a 4K camera because the footage quality looks really low. Apart from that, the flight performance is powerful and the speed is good. AY Rosslyn

I tried to calibrate this drone but it simply would not respond to the remote controller. I returned it and got a replacement, which works just fine. Alph Johnson

I think the price is too high for this drone because the features and the functions are pretty basic. There is no justification for the price at all. Amit Khan

The build quality is quite good, the speed and the flight. However, I fail to understand why at this price range they could not include even a 2-axis gimbal for the camera. Eli thedroneman

I think this is a good drone now that I have flown it three times, and each time through both batteries. The flight functions work very well, the waypoint flight mode and the surround mode work well. John Alison.


  • It comes with brushless motors
  • It has three speed modes to accommodate beginners and advanced users
  • Performs fairly well in the wind
  • It comes with a decent carry bag
  • It supports micro-SD card usage
  • Good flight time – no need for a third battery


  • The camera quality is suspicious
  • There is no gimbal to eliminate distortion from footage
  • Price is too high

Who Should Buy The FX-9P?

For a beginner, this drone is a bit overpriced, but it is worth keeping so you can buy it and keep it for a long time.

Advanced pilots will also find it a bit exciting because it comes with long flight range, three speed modes, decent flight time and other functions. Despite some downsides, this is still a decent drone that can give you good value for money.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Do not fly your COOAU FX-9P drone in strong winds lest a gust sweeps it away and it fails to engage the automatic return to home function.

Read the user manual keenly before you fly the drone. You will know how to calibrate it, how to charge the battery and other things.

Lastly, never fly the quadcopter in places with animals because it will spook them. It is also best to choose a large open space where to fly the aircraft to avoid crashing into things.

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