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DEERC D15 Drone Review


If you would like a fairly-priced camera drone with features such as electronic image stabilization, 4K HD camera, moderate size/weight and loads of automatic functions, get the DEERC D15 drone.

The only regret we have with this quadcopter is that it is not foldable. Therefore, it does appear to be too bulky for its size and packing it in your backpack can be a bit of a bother. However, apart from that small issue, this aircraft gives you value for money and it does what the manufacturer says it can do.

DEERC is not a very new name on our blog. In the past, we did a review of the DEERC D50 drone. It is one of the best toy-class quadcopters for adults. However, as you proceed reading this review of the D15, you will see that it too gives good value for money.

DEERC D15 Features & Technical Details

When buying a camera drone, you want to be sure that it will do what you intend it to do. Most people buy drones to have an aerial camera that they can use to take photos of their family. Does the D15 fit the bill in that regard? Keep reading.

Design and Build Quality

This is not a foldable quadcopter. It measures 15 by 15 by 5 inches, so it is neither too big nor too small but it can be a bit of a bother when you want to travel with it. The weight of this aircraft is 548g. You will have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it in North America.

The hull of the drone is made of ABS plastic, which means that most of the plastic parts are produced through the 3D printing technology. It is strong and even if it drops or crashes, it can protect the interior electronic parts.

The motors of this drone are brushless and they give a very powerful performance.

Camera Quality

This is easily the best selling feature for this drone. It comes with a 4K UHD camera equipped with electronic image stabilization – EIS. The camera sits on rubber mounts and it is stabilized electronically from the motherboard. When the drone shakes mid-flight, your footage will not be distorted because the EIS corrects that.

With a wide field of view at 130° you can set the best view for your FPV transmission. At the same time, it is vertically adjustable from 0 to 90°. Always get the best view!

If you want to store your footage in 4K quality, just use an SD card to store your footage. If you do not, it will be stored in your phone storage as 1080P, which is still good but 4K is much better!

DEERC D15 4K Camera with EIS
The maximum FPV range with this drone is 500 meters.

Battery and Flight Time

You get a 7.4V 2800mAh modular battery with the drone. You can get a maximum flight time of 22 minutes from this battery. This battery is safe to handle and easy to remove or insert into the drone. You can buy a few spare batteries if they are available for a longer flight time. As a modular battery, you charge it out of the drone, and make sure you use the provided charging cable.

This is an intelligent battery so you will be able to see the remaining voltage all the time. You can bring the drone home in good time and even if you forget, it will turn back automatically when the battery runs low or when it loses signal.

Remote Controller

This is a smart remote controller with a small LCD display, which shows you the stats of the battery, the GPS status, height and even distance range of the aircraft. At all times, you will know where your drone is. It also shows you the remaining battery voltage so you can gauge how much longer you should keep it in the air.

The connectivity range of the remote controller is 1000 meters.

Flight Functions

The flight functions make any quadcopter easy to fly even for newbie pilots. The DEERC D15 packs quite a good number of them as you will see here:

Fail-safe flight functions

These ones include things such as auto return home in case the battery drains or the drone loses signal. Since it connects with the GPS in your smartphone, it turns and comes back home. The GPS also positions your drone precisely all the time. You will know where you drone is even if it flies out of sight.

You could also press the return to home key and the drone will fly back home immediately.

Double Position Hold

This drone comes with optical flow and altitude hold. Both of them ensure precision when the drone is hovering. You can take high quality footage when the drone is hovering.

Wind Resistance

This aircraft has been equipped with level 4 wind resistance, which ensures that it holds course and remains easy to trim even in windy flights. With a maximum speed of 40KM/H, you really do need all the assistance you can get if there is a breeze.

Trajectory Flight Mode

With this function, you can access the map interface on the app, make dots along the route on which you want the aircraft to fly and then connect them with a line. When you launch the drone, it will fly along that route.

Smart Follow Me Mode

In follow me mode, this drone is going to recognize your face and lock onto it. It will follow you wherever you go, capturing footage from all angles. You can even use the drone in this mode to take your footage when you are doing a road trip, when hiking or when mountain biking.

Point of Interest

This is also referred to as circle mode. Set the drone to fly around a landmark or monument taking footage from all angles all the time.

GPS Auto Retuen

The drone will auto return home in cases of low power, signal lose and out of range. this is highly important and ensuring that you will not lose the drone.

DEERC D15 GPS Auto Return

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The brushless motors make this drone powerful. It is easy to trim even in slight wind and it takes awesome footage. I am so glad I bought it. Lenny M.

My only regret is that this drone is not foldable so I cannot travel with it as often as I would like. Everything else including flight time, camera quality and build quality checks out pretty nicely. Fay K.

I have not had any issues at all when flying my DEERC D15 quadcopter. It handles smoothly; the remote controller keeps you aware of vital flight stats. Paul R.

Fly the drone at low speed to capture excellent footage. It can do low and high speed, so if this is your first one, start with low and punch the high speed later.  Samir A.

Use a class 10 and higher micro SD card to record your video and photo footage in 4K quality. The D15 has a slot for an SD card. Derrick H.

DEERC D15 Pros

  • Electronic image stabilization really stabilizes the camera to take good footage
  • Powerful flight performance from the brushless motors
  • Easy to control the drone even for beginners
  • It has excellent build quality
  • Smooth flight even in the wind
  • Has SD card slot
  • Remote controller keeps you aware of your vital stats

DEERC D15 Cons

  • Not foldable
  • It would be much better if it came with a storage case

Who Should Buy The DEERC D15 Drone?

Anyone, meaning both advanced and beginner drone pilots will find this aircraft a lot of fun to fly. If you are an advanced pilot, you will not find it boring at all and if you are a beginner pilot, you are not going to find it complicated to learn how to fly. If you are buying the D15 as your first drone, most probably, you will not find the need to upgrade it.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The DEERC D15 drone has many features and flight functions. It also has a long flight range of 1000 meters. It is recommended that you do not fly it out of your sight just yet. The maximum height is also quite high, but you should keep it where you can see it easily until you learn how it handles.

Even with level 4 wind resistance, this aircraft can still be blown away by a gust of wind. Therefore, fly it when it is calm, and in wide-open spaces.

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