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Difference Between Follow Me and Active Track

Follow me and Active track goal is to give you the ability to film moving object automatically and hands free. It’s useful especially with sports giving you the ability to film yourself without friend of someone that will fly your drone.

There are two main follow me technologies:

Computer vision like Dji Active Track and GPS sensor follow me.

  • Active Track – is an intelligent flight mode on DJI drone that use image recognition. On Active track you simply drawing a box around the object you want to follow and the drone will follow this object automatically. To use Active Track it’s important that the drone will be able to detect and avoid obstacles. As an example, you can take the DJI Mavic 2 Pro that use 10 sensors to avoid collisions with objects on all sides.

  • GPS Sensor Follow Me – follows a mobile transmitter by tracking its GPS location. On most cases it would be your mobile phone that should be on you. if the drone doesn’t have obstacle avoidance sensors it’s important to to verify that there are no obstacles in the path such as trees or power lines. Another important feature is auto return home that will verify the drone will land on a safe area when the battery will get low.

Potensic T25 GPS FPV RC Drone Follow me


Follow me technology is one of the feature that consumers really love. there are 2 main ways that follow me technology works the first is using computer vision like Dji Active Track and the second is by using GPS sensor. The leading follow me drones comes with obstacle avoidance abilities that is highly important on follow me mode.

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