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Funsky 913 Drone Review


The Funsky 913 drone is more than just a toy. It is an exceptional drone that gives a good flight performance and time. Despite its diminutive size of 4.7 by 5.5 by 2.1 inches. This is also a camera drone and it shoots nice videos, at 1080P resolution. If you are looking for an overall, well-rounded drone for fun as well as some family photos and videos, you can get this one. It is also FPV enabled and so you should have a great time flying it over different places as you watch videos in real-time.


Funsky 913 Features & Technical Details

Even if you are buying a drone for fun, you still want it to have as many features and flight functions as possible. After all, the thrill of flying a drone is in exploring the features that it comes with. Here, we are going to look at the physical features as well as the flight functions of this drone. Keep reading.

Design and build quality

In the opening paragraph, we looked at the measurements of the 913. This is a small drone, will most probably fit in the palm of your hand. However, it has an awesome build quality. It is made with an exterior casing of ABS plastic. This has become the standard material that all drone makers use, because it does not crack.

The weight of this drone is 230 g. That is not too much, so you can manage to slip this drone into your coat pocket without feeling weight. You will also not need to register the drone with the FAA before flying it as required in North America.

This is not  a foldable drone itself. The only foldable aspect is the blades themselves. Therefore, you can guess that these are split blades . you can fold them to reduce the size of the drone by a considerable margin for easy storage.

You get 1306 2700KV Brushless motors with the drone. They give the drone its powerful performance and they need minimal care and maintenance.

Camera and FPV

You will get a fair quality camera with 1920*1080 (30fps). The camera will capture your photo and video footage when you are indoors or outdoors. This camera has no stabilizer, so you will have to fly the drone when the weather is calm. That way, you can take distortion-free images and videos. Since this drone also supports SD card, you need not store your video and photo footage in your smartphone.

The maximum FPV distance is 250 meters. The drone also supports VR mode, for a more immersive flight experience.

Battery and flight time

The Funsky 913 drone comes with a 7.7V Li-Po battery.This one will give you a flight time of about 16 minutes maximum. This is just one battery, so if you would like to enjoy a longer flight time, find out whether you can buy extra batteries.

The charging time for the battery is 90 minutes. This is fair considering the high capacity of the battery. While you might not enjoy the advertised flight time of 15 minutes, you will be glad for the brushless motors because they conserve the battery power.

Remote controller

The remote controller has a rechargeable battery, which we think is a big plus. It is a 3.7V 350mAh battery and it can keep you flying for a few hours at least. With a weight of 110 g only, this is a good remote controller that is not going to cramp your wrists. It also has a removable smartphone holder to give you an enjoyable first person view.

Flight Features and Functions

The main reason why we buy drones such as this one is for the videos, photos and the flight experience. There is a feeling of control that comes with being able to hover a drone successfully. For these and more, you will get tens of flight functions. Here are some of them:

One Key Return

If there is some wind coming over, and you need to bring the drone back home, just press the one key return and the drone immediately turns back and comes home. Thanks to GPS-assisted flight, you do not have to worry about losing your drone.

Altitude Hold

This is such a nice function for beginners. You do not need to worry about the vertical flight of the drone. Just worry about the horizontal flight when you engage the altitude hold mode.

One key takeoff and landing

When you press this key, the drone takes off or if it was mid flight, it turns back and starts landing. The drone takes off and hovers at a given height waiting for your next move.

4-Channel Flight

This function enables you to fly the drone left, right, backward, forward, upward or downward. It is a very enjoyable function.

6-axis Gyro

You know when you get such an advanced gyro, you are going to enjoy a steady flight. The drone is also easier to control.

Gesture Control

With this function, you can get your drone to start taking photographs or videos using gestures. This makes it a good selfie drone.

Auto-return Home Function

With this function, the drone simply turns back and heads home, the place from where you launched it. If the battery runs low or the drone loses signal with the controller, it turns and heads back home automatically.


This is a safety function because it allows you to limit the flight distance of the drone. Just draw a radius within which the drone should fly. It will never go beyond the fence.

Circle Mode

With this mode, you just need to pinpoint a certain object of interest and the drone will circle that taking photos and videos from all angles.

FUNSKY 913 Detailed Structure

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I almost opted for more popular brand names but I decided to go with the Funsky 913 drone. I am glad I did because I have been taking nice photos with it. Rudd J.

The drone has a good, solid build. It also takes nice video and photo footage. Recommended! John Williams K.

This is my first drone ever to fly. I am having the time of my life and the most important thing is that I have been told I don’t need to worry about losing it since it has GPS return. Caleb K.

I bought this drone for my husband on his 62nd birthday. I almost thought it was too complex for him, but he has been having a nice time with it in our backyard. Now I am worried I have to compete with a drone for his attention. Cicil N.

With gesture mode, we have fun taking selfies with my family. You should see the silly videos that we make with this drone. Benson W.


Funsky 913 Pros

  • Take quick-shot videos with just a tap
  • Balance charger for enhancing battery lifespan
  • Powerful brushless motors
  • Geo-Fence for controlling the flight distance
  • You can refresh the return point so that the drone can return to your new position
  • Good camera
  • Good battery for drone and remote controller


Funsky 913 Cons

  • May not be possible to get 16 minutes of flight time, mostly less

FUNSKY 913 Size

Who Can Buy The Funsky 913 Drone?

Looking for the best drone at an affordable price can take some time. However, you need not look any further than the Funsky 913 drone. It is a nice drone both for beginners as well as advanced pilots. The reason for this is that it has so many flight functions such as Geo-fence, auto return, precise location, novice mode for beginners and many more. It is also a solid drone and it can withstand beginner abuse very well.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you get your Funsky 913 drone, you should take some time to find out how she flies. You can check the user manual for details or find a few videos online. Never get it out of the box and fly it blindly. As a beginner, start on a low speed mode and gradually advance to higher speeds. Learn to use all the safety features such as geo-fence for the protection of your drone.

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