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HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Drone Review

HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Drone

It is indeed possible to find a high quality racing drone at an affordable price. If you get yourself the HGLRC Wind5 6S racing drone, you will see the truth of this statement.

This is a stylish drone made for fun, excitement and the thrill of flying a performance drone. It comes in two versions, mostly differentiated by the brushless motors. The one we are reviewing here is the 6S version and it has 1600KV motors. The other version, the 4S one has 2450KV motors.

It does not matter the conditions of the time that you choose to fly the drone because it will perform very well. It uses advanced flight control system and besides, it is a camera drone and it takes good quality footage even when there isn’t enough light.

There are tens of great features in this racing drone. We shall look at several of them in the upcoming sections.

HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Drone

HGLRC Wind5 6S Features & Technical Details

There is no shortage of features in this drone. After all, the Wind5 6S is not an ordinary drone and therefore it must have extraordinary features. Keep reading.

Design and build quality

If you care about looks (who doesn’t) you will love the sleek design of this drone. The grayish body, the orange blades and motor casings do it a lot of justice. You will realise there are ventilations in the casing so you might be able to see some of its interior parts. This is a deliberate design to allow airflow, keeping the drone cool as it tears through the air in its race.

This drone has a carbon fiber casing. Among many of the strengths of carbon fiber, it is light in weight, strong and resilient. It can get through crashes and other sorts of abuse without cracking. As a racing drone, it shouldn’t have too much weight as that would hamper the speed. This casing is also resistant to tears and scratches. With good care, you can have this drone looking as good even after a lot of use.

Regarding the size of this drone, it has a wheelbase size of 233mm/9.2 inches. It weighs 327.7 g only. The drone’s front arms are shorter than the back arms. There is a reason for this. It helps the drone to move faster. It also creates less drag when the blades start beating the air thus helping the drone move ahead faster.

Flight control

On the drone, you will find that there is a mounting board with holes. This is where you are going to mount the flight control system. It comes with a Forward F7 Dual Flight control. This small circuit board directs the function of the motors. For example, when you punch the drone to move forward, this command is fed to the flight control, which then operates the motors accordingly. Of course, it is more complex than that but basically, that is how it works.


This is a camera drone and it gives a very good FPV experience. It has a Caddx Ratel camera with 1200TVL resolution. It also has 1 1/8-inch starlight sensor (HDR). The starlight sensor tells you that you can shoot high quality videos even when you are flying the drone in the darkness. This is a low latency camera so it is going to transmit videos in real-time, without any noticeable delay.

With 180-degree field of view, you can capture videos with good background, hardly missing a thing. Video formats that you can get with this camera are 4:3 and 16:9. You can interchange the formats depending on your needs.

Caddx is an FPV maker, and it has been in the business for some time. They are known for their high quality cameras with starlight sensors. Their cameras can be used to capture high quality video in low-lit conditions. When you use the Wind5 in the daytime, the camera is going to capture awesome photos and videos at low latency.

Battery and flight time

A racing drone such as the HGLRC Wind5 6S requires a high quality battery. This one uses a 6s Lithium Polymer battery. You can buy a spare one or two 6S batteries for more flight time. The drone comes with a strap for fitting the battery. Please note that this drone is not sold with the battery so you will have to buy one separately.


You will enjoy your FPV experience with the Wind5 from the transmitter. The Wind5 uses a 5.8GHz 6-band transmitter with NTSC and PAL video systems support.

Flight performance

This is a performance drone, so you should expect it to respond to commands fast. When you push the throttle, the drone takes off and practically vanishes from your sight. You will hardly hear the motors purring. Thanks to the brushless 1600KV motors, they do not overheat, and they hardly require any maintenance.

Short summary of feedback from existing users

Be ready to have this drone vanish from you! Seriously, it takes off and within a second, it is far from your sight. You will love it. Pablo S.

I was looking for a simple racing drone that was not too simplistic in design. A friend advised me to try the Wind5 6S and I am glad I did. It has been awesome! Tamil N.

This is a very stylish drone. I like to think that it looks like a small predator. Its orange color makes it look a bit sinister. Isaac T.

I only regret that I cannot use a bigger battery with this quadcopter. That would look quite awkward because its battery has to be strapped under the drone. Wilson H.

There is not all that much information about this drone online, but still, I found it easy to set up and use. Nick M.

Be ready for the thrill of a lifetime. This is a small drone but it flies like a marvel, with incredible FPV especially when used in the daytime. James N.

HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Drone Details

Pros of HGLRC Wind5 6S

  • Price is well worth it because of the robust features of this drone
  • Flies at a high speed and gives a stunning flight performance
  • Good quality build
  • The Caddx Ratel camera captures stunning video footage at night and in the day
  • You can use a 5s Li-po battery too, but 6S is better
  • It comes programmed for flight, just set it up and fly

Cons of HGLRC Wind5 6S

  • There is not much information about this drone
  • Cannot take a bigger battery

HGLRC Wind5 6S FPV Racing Drone Forward F7 FC

Who should buy the HGLRC Wind5 6S drone?

Definitely, this is a good drone for advanced users. If you love a racing drone that you can fly freestyle; get this one. The Wind5 6S version will give you a thrill since it doesn’t have automated features, so you are in full control. The lack of automated functions makes it a bit hard to control for beginner users. If you are a beginner, you can do much better to cut your teeth on a simpler drone before you get to fly this one.

Conclusion and recommendation

You have seen the features that this drone comes with. You have also seen battery information and the high quality camera that it comes with. The price is good considering that this is a racing drone. It responds instantly to commands so it is hard to lose it. However, be very alert, fly it in open spaces and read the user manual to set it up. If you love flying a drone in freestyle and be in control, get the HGLRC Wind5 6S.

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