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How to Buy the Best Drones at Low Costs

DJI Mavic Pro Refurbished

Buying refurbished drones has its own set of merits. No, we are not saying that it’s as good as or better than buying new drones. However, the refurbished DJI drones are delivered to you only after thorough damage assessment and functional testing. So you are basically accessing near defect-free products at way lower prices than that of the brand new drones.

DJI Mavic Pro Refurbished

What is a Refurbished Product?

Before delving into the benefits of the refurbished DJI drones, it’s important to understand what the refurbished products actually are. A refurbished product is something which has already been taken out of the original packaging and returned to the manufacturer owing to different reasons including:

  • Minor Flaws
  • Damaged Packaging
  • Buyer’s Change of Mind

Manufacturers then put these products up for sale under the label “refurbished products” after thoroughly inspecting, testing, cleaning and repairing (if needed) them. These products – of course – can be accessed at discounted prices.

Refurbished DJI Drones: The Best Way to Buy Drones at Low Costs

DJI remains a leading technology company based in China (headquarter Shenzhen, Guangdong) that has got its manufacturing units spread throughout the world. Unmanned vehicle units like drones are one of the leading inclusions in its portfolio.

When it comes to DJI Refurbished drones, each and every unit undergoes a systematic refurbishing process before it reaches you. The addition of new parts and packaging means you are actually getting something as good as brand new products at much lower costs and with standard Manufacturing Warranty. The quality is the same as that of standard DJI products. What more? You even have access to DJI Care made available for enhanced DJI coverage.


There is an expert DJI team in charge of testing the DJI products. At first, a full functionality test is conducted to ensure that defective modules (if any) are identified and eliminated. If needed, even the aircraft shells and sensor modules are replaced. Professionals, then, mark the new components with new serial numbers that facilitate identification.

It’s at the flight testing stage that all the flight systems including the video transmission and propulsion are tested.

The next step involves the cleaning of the drone followed by new packaging (including manuals and instructions).

A complete Quality Assurance Test is performed before the item is finally put on sale.

The firmware of the drone is then updated. The testing procedures and technical guidelines are the same as what govern the new products. This stage includes the elimination of flight path information and deactivation of aircraft.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Refurbished

The Refurbished DJI drones come with the same units that the new drones come with – the propellers, batteries, remote controller (if it is needed), Instruction Manual, camera, charger and cables. You can even return the product and secure refund for the same in case of any defect. Make sure you are acquainting yourself with the specific time period within which they will comply in this regard. DJI has admitted that there might as well be minor scratches on the refurbished products. They, however, will not accept returns for aesthetic reasons. The after-sale services are similar to what is available for new products. However, you can only exchange refurbished products with refurbished products – not with new products.

More Information about DJI Refurbished Drones

At present, DJI refurbished Phantom 3 Advanced/Professional is available in two refurbished versions – backed by different types of motors (2312 and 2312A) that offer equal performance. The DJI refurbished Phantom 3 Standard and Phantom 4 are available in a single version.

It is quite easy to identify refurbished products. The serial number of such products ends with an “R”.

DJI Mavic Pro Refurbished

DJI Phanton 4 Pro Refurbished

DJI Phantom 3 SE Refurbished

DJI Inspire 2 Refurbished

DJI Spark Refurbished