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HUKKKYVIT Foldable GPS Drone Review

HUKKKYVIT Foldable GPS Drone

As of 25 November, the HUKKKYVIT foldable GPS drone went into the market, making it one of the latest entrants in the drone market in 2019. This is an adventure drone. It is rugged in design, durable and resilient. For a start, it comes with the following things for convenience:

  • High quality traveling case
  • Two batteries for longer flight time
  • 2K resolution camera
  • SD card slot
  • USB cable for charging
  • Others

The drone comes with many features and functions for good flight performance. We will look at all these in the upcoming sections.

HUKKKYVIT Foldable GPS Drone

HUKKKYVIT GPS Drone Features & Technical Details

Any drone is as good as its features and the more it comes with the better it performs. In the case of the HUKKKYVIT foldable GPS drone, there are good hardware and app features.

Design, build quality and durability

This is a foldable drone. When you fold it, you will not have to remove the propeller blades, thus you can just unfold it and fly it. It folds into a nice rectangular shape, perfect for packing in its carry case, which can then go into your carry-on or travel backpack.

As a small drone, you expect it to come with minimal weight. It weighs just 280g. You have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it as it is already above the threshold weight of 250g.

For protection, this drone has many automated functions. It also has a strong casing that protects the interior parts in case there is a crash. You will get four extra blades to use as spares just in case you break one.

You get brushless motors with the drone. They are more efficient, they last a long time and they make less noise as compared to their brushed counterparts. With good care, this drone can last a long time.

Camera quality

The camera quality is excellent. It has a resolution of 2K, with a 2048 x 1152P lens with a wide field of view of 120 degrees. It has a recording mode of 2048 by 1152P HD, capturing stunning footage all the time with no distortion.

For your first person view (FPV) transmission, you will see what the drone can see using the 5G frequency. There is minimal to no latency in the transmission, so you will be catching your FPV action in real time. For the storage of your footage, you need a TF card, which will store 2K photos and videos.

The transmission range is 300 meters.

Batteries and flight time

The HUKKKYVIT foldable drone comes with two spare batteries of 1200mAh capacity. Each battery can give you a flight time of between 13 and 15 minutes. Inserting and removing the batteries is easy so you will not struggle when removing one to insert the other. The charging time for one battery is 200 to 240 minutes.


Since you will have to use your smartphone or iPad for FPV, the transmitter has a retractable holder. It uses the 2.4GHz frequency that is not interrupted easily. Because of the small size and the minimal weight of the controller, you can use it as long as the two batteries will last without cramping your wrists. The joysticks and buttons are nimble and responsive without being too sensitive.

Flight features and functions

This is a GPS/GLONASS-enabled drone. Therefore, it has many automated flight functions. See the most important ones below:

Automatic return to home

This is one of the paramount safety features for drones. When the drone loses signal with the transmitter or app, it turns back immediately and comes back home. It does the same when the battery drains.

Follow Me

Have the drone follow you at a respectable distance as it captures video and photo footage. When you stop, it stops and it increases its speed when you increase yours.

Circle Mode

When you engage this mode, the drone is going to circle you or any designated point, taking footage from all angles.

Share footage through the app

You can share all the footage that you capture with the drone through the app. That way, you do not have to wait until you can save the footage in your computer to share it with family and friends through the social media.

Altitude Hold

This is a standard feature in all drones today. It locks the drone to a given vertical height so that you only have to worry about the horizontal flight.

HUKKKYVIT Foldable GPS Drone Camera

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I found the drone a bit challenging to set up for a beginner. I would recommend that you read the user manual carefully. Simon M.

My heart skipped a beat when the drone vanished from my sight. Luckily, I remembered the return to home button and pressed it and it came back. Hari F.

I would recommend the HUKKKYVIT drone to experienced users. I think it is a bit complex for beginners. Gerry M.

Hardly will you find a product that does what the manufacturer advertises, but this one comes really close. I especially love the video and photo quality. Sung L.

I find everything in this drone amazing, including the long flight time, the video quality and the build quality. The compact carry case enables me to travel easily with it. Long J.

I knew this was a well-made drone when I saw the carry case. It may be a bit challenging to set up, but it has awesome footage quality. Livingstone K.


  • Comes with two batteries – double flight time
  • Many automated flight functions
  • Incredible camera quality (video/photos)
  • It has a high quality and durable build
  • Has a slot for an SD card – use 10 class and above cards
  • Flies really well and has GPS/GLONASS capability


  • There are no propeller guards
  • Not sold with an SD card

HUKKKYVIT Foldable GPS Drone Intelligent Flight

Who Should Buy The HUKKKYVIT GPS Drone?

Except for the setting up which seems a bit challenging, this is a fun drone and anyone can buy it. It makes a perfect selfie drone for grownups and teenagers. The HUKKKYVIT foldable drone is perfect for people that travel a lot as the camera enables them to capture their moments. If you appreciate a good drone built to last a long time, you can get this one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This is a durable, foldable drone with brushless motors and other features. It is a GPS-enabled drone with many automatic functions such as return to home. However, to get the full use out of it, read the user manual keenly especially for the setting up. Fly the drone in open spaces without obstacles or tall buildings as such can interrupt the 5GHz WiFi signal. You also need to buy the right SD card to store your 2K videos and photos. When you finally get to fly your HUKKKYVIT GPS drone, you will appreciate the amount of work that went into its design.

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