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Jettime JT63 Review

Jettime JT63

Do you have a kid who is a drone enthusiast and you have been looking for the perfect drone to get them started? Well, your search stops here with the Jettime JT63 drone for some reasons.

First, this drone is so affordable; you will not feel the pinch in your wallet. Secondly, it has some nice features that a kid can use to learn how to fly a drone like a real pro. Thirdly, the drone is foldable, so it should be easy to carry. Thirdly, it looks so sleek and stylish, so appealing and it makes such a nice, impressive gift.

We shall look at the features of this drone in the upcoming section. You will see that it is indeed one of the best drones to buy for a kid or a beginner.

Jettime JT63

Jettime JT63 Features & Technical Details

This drone has many exciting features despite its diminutive size. In this section, we shall look at the things that make this drone sizzle.

Design and build quality

This drone is small enough such that when it is folded, it is even smaller than the palm of your hand. It is also very light in weight. You can toss it in your jacket pocket without feeling the weight. Even your child can carry this drone easily. It is a no-frills drone that flies just as it is supposed to.

The exterior casing is made of strong ABS plastic to protect the interior parts. Furthermore, there are propeller guards that protect the blades. In case the drone crashes, the blades will be protected from damage. However, note that you should not fly this drone in the wind because it is too light in weight. It can fly away and vanish.

This is not only a mini done, but it is also foldable. This makes it even smaller and lighter.

Battery and flight time

This drone comes with two batteries for more flight time. These are powerful performance batteries, easy to handle, easy to remove and insert safely. When one battery is charging, you can use the other. Both batteries give you a flight time of 10 to 12 minutes. Therefore, you will get 20 or more minutes in total. Since the charging time for one battery is 45 minutes only, it is not necessary to buy a third battery.

Remote controller

The remote controller is of high quality made with the same ABS plastic that has been used on the drone. It uses AAA batteries that you have to buy separately. You will notice that this controller does not have a smartphone holder because it does not have a camera. This is a solid controller, with many functions. It has buttons for various things, and it has responsive joysticks. There is no noticeable latency when you are executing flights.

Flight features and functions

The Jettime JT63 has several flight features and functions. Most of them are included to make the drone easier to fly for kids.

They are as follows:

One key take off and landing

Press this key and the drone either takes off or comes back to land. You can also return it with one key and the good thing is that you will have an easy time controlling it. As long as there is no wind to carry it away, you can bring the drone home when you want or when the battery runs low, with this key.

3D flips and Rolls

This drone can execute 3D flips and rolls, turning in 360 degrees in different directions. This is just a fun feature. Please note: This function will also drain the battery faster than normal flight.

Altitude Hold

Choose the height that you want to fly this drone at and it will always fly at that. You just have to worry about its horizontal flight. Lock the drone to the safest height so that your kid can always see it.

Headless mode

Never worry about which direction the drone is facing. Just engage headless mode and the drone will fly in orientation to the position of the pilot.

Flight distance

The drone will only fly to a distance of 50 meters maximum. That is quite safe for such a small drone because it means you can see it all the time. You probably do not even need to engage headless mode because the drone is never out of your sight.

Jettime JT63 Altitude Hold

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I have been flying this small drone indoors just for fun and so far, it has been very good. I am happy with the purchase. The drone does what the manufacturer says it can. Trey H.

Take care of this drone because it is so small and light in weight. Just a slight wind and it will fly away with the wind and vanish. Apart from that small concern, this is a good drone for flips and rolls. Holly A.

I bought this drone for my 9-year-old son so that we can fly our drones together. I have a bigger one, so when I am going out in the open land to fly it during the weekends, we go together. It took him approximately 30 minutes to learn how to fly it. Edward L.

I find this little drone quite nice for flying indoors and outdoors. The price does not dent the wallet and the good thing is that with good care, it can last a long time. Louis T.

You should have seen my friend’s face when I set and locked the drone’s height to a few feet above his head. He almost ran away. Michael P.

This drone can fly really well, and high! I flew it into a tree branch in my yard and it has been stuck there since I feel too lazy to get a ladder to bring it down.  Tonny M.

Jettime JT63 Pros

  • Comes with two batteries for double flight time
  • Kids learn how to fly this drone easily
  • Battery charges fast – in 45 minutes
  • Folds and packs very small
  • Blade guards for the propellers
  • Nice remote controller

Jettime JT63 Cons

  • It is small and cheap so it lacks some important features
  • It is not a camera drone

Jettime JT63 3D Flips

Who Should Buy The Jettime JT63 Drone?

This is a good drone for people that want a perfect gift for their kids, their nephews and nieces. The good thing is that it does not cost much and so you can afford to buy a few of them to gift all of your kids. This is not a camera drone, but you already know that by now. Therefore, you can only buy it for the flips and rolls or just for the flight experience. It is small enough though to carry in your pant pockets and you can have fun flying it in an open space or indoors.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you buy this drone, you should take care of a few things. First, fly it indoors to see how it performs. It is small enough, has a short flight distance and so you should have a good experience flying it inside a room. If you do fly it outside, make sure it is in calm weather. Read the user manual before you fly the drone. Even if you have used other drones before, it is always good to check the user manual. Charge the batteries with the provided charger/cable only. With good care, the Jettime JT63 should last you a long time.

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