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Jugana JT63 Mini Drone Review

JT63 Mini Drone

The Jugana JT63 Mini Drone is a compact and foldable drone designed with beginners and kids in mind. With features like intelligent hovering, headless mode, and easy one-key controls, it offers a fun and accessible drone flying experience. Notably, this drone is budget-friendly and does not include a camera, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-cost introduction to the world of drones.

Jugana JT63 Mini Drone Features & Technical Details:

  • Intelligent Hovering: The drone utilizes air pressure calculations to maintain a stable hover, eliminating the need for constant throttle adjustments. This feature is beneficial for both indoor and outdoor flights.
  • Mini and Portable: With its foldable design, the JT63 is highly portable. Equipped with two 380mAh lithium batteries, it offers a flight time of over 7 minutes. The low-power reminders and out-of-control protection functions enhance its durability.
  • Headless Mode: Simplifies flight control by allowing users to locate the drone based on the remote control, preventing confusion about its direction. The key return function adds an extra layer of ease to the flying experience.
  • Easy To Use: The drone features one-key takeoff and landing, with a flight altitude of up to 15 meters. It can move in multiple directions, and the adjustable flight speed caters to different skill levels.
  • 3 Speed Control: Offering high, medium, and low-speed adjustments, catering to various flying preferences. An excellent choice for gifting during holidays and special occasions.

Jugana JT63 Mini Drone Pros:

  1. Beginner-Friendly: The controls are designed for ease of use, making it suitable for beginners and children.
  2. Compact and Portable: The foldable design enhances portability, allowing users to carry it conveniently.
  3. Durable: The drone is reported to survive crashes into walls, thanks to the included rotor protectors.
  4. Multiple Speed Options: Three-speed adjustments accommodate different skill levels, providing versatility in flying experiences.
  5. Budget-Friendly: An affordable option for those who want to explore drone flying without a hefty investment.

Jugana JT63 Mini Drone Cons:

  1. Limited Flight Time: Some users report that the battery life is relatively short, providing around 7-10 minutes per battery.

JT63 Mini Drone Air Pressure Stable Hover

Who Should Buy this Drone?

The Jugana JT63 Mini Drone is an excellent choice for:

  • Kids and Beginners: Its easy-to-use controls and durability make it suitable for those new to drone flying.
  • Budget-Conscious Consumers: With its affordable price point, this drone offers an accessible entry into the world of drones without compromising on features.


The Jugana JT63 Mini Drone is a commendable option for those seeking an affordable and user-friendly drone experience. While lacking a camera, it excels in providing a fun and straightforward flying experience for kids and beginners. Its durability and portability, combined with intelligent features, make it a practical choice for entry-level drone enthusiasts.


If you’re looking for a low-cost, durable, and easy-to-use drone for kids or beginners, the Jugana JT63 Mini Drone is a recommended choice. Consider it for holiday gifts or as an introduction to the world of drones without breaking the bank.

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