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MIXI Drone Review

MIXI Drone

If you would like to use a dual camera drone, try the MIXI drone, a 2019 release that is every drone enthusiast’s dream. However, dual camera is not the only sensational feature that you will get in this drone. It is packed with features that most drones in this price range do not come with. You will love the interactive features most of all. The drones keep getting better with time, with more robust and ground breaking features being incorporated. If you need a smart aerial camera for awesome selfies, videos and photos, get the MIXI. It will bring some enthusiastic mix into your life with its incredible features.

MIXI Drone

MIXI drone Features & Technical Details

Today, the more features that a drone comes with, the better and more exciting it will be to fly. You will get so many features in the MIXI drone such that you might never use some of them.

Here are some of the most notable features:

Design and build quality

This is where everything starts. First, this is a foldable drone. In 2019, foldability has been a big feature with many of the small and big drones. For example, we reviewed the Holy Stone HS720 drone that comes with a 2K camera and is foldable into a small and compact size. Folded, the MIXI measures 4.53 by 3.74 by 1.97 inches. When it is unfolded, it measures 9.85 by 9.85 by 1.97 inches. Thus, you can see it is neither too big nor too small. When you get the drone, make sure the package has the drone itself, remote controller, 2 3.7V 1100mAh Li-Po batteries, 2 charging cables, screwdriver, 4 propeller guards, 4 spare propellers and the user manual.

Dual cameras

This drone comes with two Wi-Fi cameras. One is located on the nose of the drone while second one is located on the belly of the drone. The front camera captures 1080P videos while the bottom one captures 480P videos. It may not sound like great quality especially for the bottom camera. However, when you see the enriched FPV experience, you will be very happy with this camera. You can switch from one to other for different views on your smartphone. This is an FPV drone, and it is also compatible with many VR goggles.

Batteries and flight time

Note we said batteries because it comes with two, 3.7V 1100mAh batteries. You will get a flight time of 18 minutes from each battery. The charging time is not too bad either because it is 120 minutes. When you get the drone, you will note that it comes with the battery sticking out (not fully pushed in). They do that so that it does not drain the charge. You can fly the drone right out of the box.

Remote controller

The remote controller uses 2 AA batteries which are not supplied. It also has a platform fro your smartphone. It is designed to hold differently sized smartphones, just download that app for a nice FPV experience. The remote controller is so well laid out, with the features right where a beginner would find them easily. It is one of the things that make this drone so easy to fly.

Flight features and functions

In this sector, the drone really has outdone itself, especially when it comes to interactive features. Here are several of the notable features:

One key take off and landing

This is a standard feature with all drones targeted at beginners. Just press the key and the drone takes off, or comes back to land. Actually, it does not land but it hovers at a given height waiting for your next move.

New Optical altitude hold

Just engage the New Optical altitude hold mode and the drone locks to a certain height. For a beginner, this feature is paramount since you do not need to worry about the vertical position of the drone when it is flying.

Trajectory flight

As one heck of a fun feature, you will love it. To use this feature, open the app, go to the map/control page. You can then make a line along the route that you would like the drone to follow. When you launch the drone, it follows your route capturing videos and photos from different angles.

Follow Me Mode

When you gotta ride your bicycle or horse (drone might spook the horse) ahead of the drone so that it can capture your videos on the move, engage the Follow Me Mode. Every drone today has this mode.

Gesture videos and photos

This is where you make full use of the interactive features of this drone. You may use your palm or fingers to get the drone to start capturing your videos and photos.

3D flips

You can enjoy stunning 360-degree flips mid flight. This means that the drone can flip left, right, front and back. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you do not use this feature until you have learned to control the drone fully.

Mixi Drone Gesture Shooting

Headless mode

Why worry about the orientation of the drone when you can fly it and let it realign itself correctly? Headless mode is a common feature in all small drones.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Two things made my mind up for me regarding this drone – the two batteries and the fast charging time. I have coaxed 32 minutes of flight time from these batteries. Allion O.

Such an affordable and amazing drone! I plan to order it for my husband on his 57th birthday. He loves tech toys and I am sure this will knock the socks off his feet. Alex C.

If you are looking for an affordable drone with almost all the features in the world, get the MIXI drone. It is awesome. Ferd W.

I had a robust FPV experience with this drone. The two cameras give me a perfect FPV experience. I just wish the belly camera had bigger resolution. Jos N.

This drone does not promise to do magic. For its price, it is more than satisfactory. Jane W.

Pros of MIXI drone

  • It has a nice foldable design
  • Sold with two batteries for more than 30 minutes of flight time
  • Many flight features and functions for a drone of its price
  • Has many beginner features
  • Quick charging time for the batteries
  • The dual cameras give a great FPV experience

Cons of MIXI drone

  • Even the smallest gust of wind is not good for this drone
  • The user manual is typed in small letters

Mixi Drone Optical altitude hold

Who Should Buy The MIXI Drone?

Beginners and kids should find it quite easy to use this drone. However, thanks to the many features and the dual cameras, anyone, even the most experienced drone pilots will have a lot of fun with this drone. If you do not want to miss a good drone in your collection, buy this one. You can even turn it into your outdoor flying camera because the camera quality is quite good.

Conclusion and recommendation

This drone does not promise to do anything extraordinary, but it works as advertised. It has many features and flight functions and you will have fun. Before you can fly it, read the user manual, make sure the battery is charged and more importantly, fly the drone in calm weather. This drne performs poorly even in low velocity winds. Read the user manual supplied with the MIXI drone. It will help you make the first flight correctly.

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