UAV Forecast App: Why Every Drone Pilot Must Use it

There are various reasons why both new and experienced drone users prefer using drone apps. There are several free drone apps that you can access and depending on your choice you can be guided regarding the following aspects of flying your drones:

  • There are apps that inform you about the weather conditions (including sunrise, sunset, cloud cover etc) indicating whether it’s a good time to fly or not
  • There are apps to tell you whether the area where you intend to fly your drone is safe for flying or not
  • They help you record your flight
  • You can also communicate with other pilots while flying


Uses of Different Drone Apps

Different apps are backed by different functionalities and it’s best to download the one which you think complements your needs in the best possible fashion. Not all drone pilots have similar aspirations. While there are some pilots who are just happy finding out about the “fly” and “no fly” conditions, there might as well be others who prefer consulting these apps for 3D navigation of areas. You don’t necessarily have to download all the free apps. Choose what the best is for you by studying the features of all these apps.  Today in the course of the post, we will discuss one of the most popular free drone apps – UAV Forecast. It will not be an exaggeration to claim that every drone pilot out there should have it. There is a string of benefits that this app has to offer the drone pilots. Read on to explore.

The Benefits of UAV Forecast App

The basic function of the UAV Forecast app is to help pilots identify weather conditions before flying. The most prudent flyers check this app before flying so as to find out whether the sky conditions are suitable for flying or not.

The fact that users can actually identify the “no-fly zones” or the flight restrictions – remains one of the primary benefits of this app. It offers you reliable details of the restricted zones. The weather details help you fly your drone smoothly. The real time information about flight restrictions is based on global coverage. You can stay compliant with the local regulations, as such, as well.

Flight Restrictions
Flight Restrictions

Another beneficial attribute of the UAV Forecast app is that it offers you a breakdown of the climate. So, you’re not really getting a vague forecast but a clear breakdown of the weather in the form of the minutest of details like:

  • Wind speeds
  • Cloud cover
  • Chances of rain
  • Precipitation
  • Local temperature
  • Visibility

The aforementioned data may change from hour to hour. You can actually track data in accordance.

Current Weather Conditions

Hourly Forecast

Another noteworthy feature of this app is that it helps you view hourly forecasts – both for the day and the week. So it becomes immensely easy for you to plan your flight well ahead.

Weather Forecast

KP Index

KP Index remains another very important feature which helps you discover possibilities of interference with the GPS, radio control signals and on-board electronics owing to geomagnetic disturbances engendered by solar activity. This is very important if you are flying at really higher altitudes or during the night.

It offers you information about the exact number of satellites visible and the number of satellites your drone is locked into.

UAV Forecast is a Must-Have App for Every Drone Pilot

So, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re just a beginner or a hobbyist or someone willing to take photos or videos with your drones, the UAV Forecast app is a must have – because you will eventually have to find out about the weather conditions before flying. That’s the basic requirement.

The app remains a perfect tool that any drone pilot at any level need.

UAV free download from App store

UAV free download from Google play

UAV forcast web site

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Snaptain A15 Review

The Snaptain A15 Foldable FPV drone is a 2018 release. It is very affordable. The good thing with buying the latest release in the market is that you get a combination of all the features that earlier drones come with, plus more advanced ones. Imagine having a drone as affordable as this one coming with features such as the wide-angle 720P HD camera! As you will find out in the latter sections of this review, that is not all there is to the drone. More features make the Snaptain A15 drone a joy to use.


Snaptain A15 Features & Technical Details

The first and most noticeable physical feature for this drone is that it is foldable. You no longer have to contend with drones that hardly fit in your small bag. When you fold the drone, you will realize that it sizes down, enough to fit into your palm. The weight of the drone is minimal, so you do not need to register it with the FAA. Just unpack it, put it together and fly the drone.

Camera quality

You will love the 720P HD camera, which not only takes good video and photo footage, but also has a wide field of view to record a bigger area. The camera is strategically fixed on the drone such that it has a 120-degree field of vision.

Remember also that this drone is Wi-Fi FPV enabled. This means that you can catch real-time transmission of whatever video feed your drone is recording when it flies. Because of the high quality camera, you will be able to capture seamless footage that you can immediately share with your social media compadres.

Battery and flight time

The flight time is around 15 Min. When you buy the Snaptain A15, you get one spare battery to give you longer flight time. Besides, the batteries are not “naked” but they are contained in their modules, which makes them safe to charge and to handle.

Voice Control

The drone is also equipped with very responsive voice control technology. All that you need to do is talk to the drone, tell it to land, take off, go right, go left and it will follow suit. While this is just a fun feature, many people, beginners and advanced drone pilots alike love it.

Trajectory Flight

You can try trajectory flights with this drone. Once you have downloaded the app to your smartphone, you can draw the trajectory line that you want your drone to follow and once you launch it, it will follow that path. Again, this is just an extra fun feature in an exciting fun drone.

Altitude Hold

Another feature that you will find so appealing is the altitude hold one. This keeps the drone stable at your selected height so that you can take photo and video footage without any stability issues.

3D rolls and 360-degree Flips

For more fun and thrills, try engaging the 360 degree flips and rolls in mid flight. This drone can execute rolls and flips beautifully.

Headless mode

The Snaptain A15 drone has been equipped with the headless mode technology. This is more of a safety feature so that the drone can come back to the person holding the controller irrespective of which side the nose faces.

3 speed modes

With three speed settings, you can choose the one that is most favorable for your level of experience. Beginners can start with the lowest speed setting and build their way up.

One key take off and landing

Coupled with the one-key take off and landing, this drone meets your needs perfectly.

SNAPTAIN A15 Foldable Drone

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

I was looking for an affordable yet effective camera drone because I love taking photos and videos especially in outdoor settings. My happiest day was the day I discovered the Snaptain A15 drone. Gabriel J.

I almost had a heart attack when the transmitter stuck and the drone started flying away, away… however, by good luck, I pulled back the trigger and it started responding. Samuel H.

I love that this drone has blade guards that protect the rotors from damage. It is my first drone and I have crashed it a couple of times but it has come through unscathed all the time. Terrence K.

I like everything about this drone, from the camera, flight time to the price. I bought it on Black Friday 2018 and since then, I have flown every two or three days. No issues at all. I would buy this drone again and again. Gina H.

What other drone of this size and price range gives the user 120-degree field of view, trajectory flight and one key landing and takeoff? I did my research and compared several drones with the Snaptain A15 coming on top of them with one or two features. Trinny M.

I have used the voice control, taken crispy photos and seamless videos with this small drone. I think it is the most impressive of all small drones in the market. Bella F.

I must admit I bought this drone just for the low price without expecting too much from it. A month later, I am more than pleasantry surprised. Morgan T.

Pros of Snaptain A15 Drone

  • Has many advanced features such as found in many high price drones
  • Good for both beginners and advanced drone pilots
  • The app connection is seamless
  • Double flight time thanks to the spare battery
  • Responds very well to voice control
  • Advanced camera with wide field of view
  • Has FPV mode for real-time video transmission
  • The price is very affordable
  • Foldable into a small size for traveling
  • Easy to use, user manual easy to follow

Cons of Snaptain A15 Drone

  • Flight time is short, even with the spare battery since you can only get about 7 minutes from each battery
  • Can lose synch with the remote and Wi-Fi connection range could be longer

SNAPTAIN A15 Voice Control

Who Should Buy This Snaptain A15?

Anyone that loves the best items for the lowest price can buy the Snaptain A15 drone. However, you shall not buy it just because of the low price as it also has very effective features and functions. It is hard to find cheap drones for beginners that have almost all of the features that the highly priced drones come with. You may buy this drone thinking that you are going to upgrade to a bigger one soon, but once you fly it, you will change your mind and you will want it for keeps. If you would like to choose a perfect gift for a friend or family member who is into tech things, just buy them this drone. It is the kind of gift that leaves a lasting impression.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With advanced functions such as altitude hold, high quality FPV camera and one key take off and landing, the Snaptain A15 is a feature-rich drone. You can buy it without hesitation knowing that it will serve you very well. It can perform stunts such as 360-degree rolls and flips and remember, you will get this full package at an affordable cost.

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Potensic D50 Drone Review

For years, Potensic technology company has been making different types of drones – from mini drones, FPV drones, drones with camera for kids and many more. If you look at their amazing products, you will marvel at their incredible prices for all of their drones. Besides, they make their drones very stylish and beautiful. For example, the Potensic D50 is a cheap follow me drone that has a pleasing design. It has a white topped body, a grayish on the low side, the arms and the rotors are gray.

However, looks are not everything in a quadcopter like this one. They are a bonus. In this Potensic D50 drone review, we are going to scrutinize its features closely to see whether it is as good as it is claimed to be in the market.

Potensic D50 Drone

Potensic D50 Features & Technical Details

The Potensic D50 drone has many good things going for it. One of them is that it is so easy to fly as you will see when you get your package. It is a plug-n-play sort of drone, so to speak. This means that if this is your very first drone, you will not need to worry about assembling it.


To tell the truth, this drone’s camera is one of the reasons why advanced drone pilots as well as beginners love it. The 1080P, FHD camera captures stunning video and photo footage even when the drone is moving at top speed.

This is an FPV drone meaning that you are able to see what the drone can see as it flies. Thus, you can take real-time footage and share it on social media with your friends and family. The camera connects with your smartphone on the upgraded 5.0G Hz Wi-Fi. Remember, the 1080P camera has high resolution, and it is many notches above the 720P camera for many drones in this price range.

Auto follow me mode

This is the best selling feature for outdoor recreation enthusiasts who love to take footage of hiking, mountain biking, running and climbing. Once you set the drone on follow me mode, it will follow you, taking footage from a preset height. When we say it will follow you, this also includes when you set it to fly ahead of you, in reverse, taking your footage from the front.

Long-range footage transmission

You will love the long-range Wi-Fi transmission of photos and videos. At 300 meters, surely not many drones sold at this affordable price get even close. You just need to install the app in your mobile. The app works very well and even at the maximum range of 300 meters, you can see your videos and photos in real-time. The video and photo quality does not diminish even with windy conditions.

Altitude hold

When you select your height and engage the altitude hold mode, this drone holds that hover level very well. While on many drones you would have to keep your finger on the stick to keep it at that height, with the Potensic D50, you do not need to do that. The intelligent system for flight control calculates the hovering height and keeps the drone stable at that height.

The battery

The battery is quite impressive too. Firstly, it is removable for charging or storage, so you can buy a spare battery if you like and increase your flight time. Secondly, you get an impressive 15 minutes of flight time with one battery.

Safety features

No matter how good a drone is, if it does not have some safety features, you would have a second thought before buying it. The auto return home feature is a very good addition since it means that the drone comes back to the person holding the controller as soon as the battery starts to get really low. Besides, it also alerts you with a beeping sound on the transmitter when the battery goes low or when the drone starts to get out of range.

Other features

Because of the GPS system, you can draw the map that you would like the drone to follow on your smartphone and it will follow it when you launch it.

The controller looks nice, is comfortable and light in your hands and has a smartphone holder. The sticks and buttons are very responsive. Even kids find it easy to use the controller.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love using this drone, which I bought on Black Friday as a gift to myself. The only problem (if I can call it that) is that it has been hard to find a spare battery, but I will keep looking. Howard S.

The Potensic D50 is my third drone from the same brand. I loved the first two but I love this one most because of the follow me mode. I have taken incredible footage of my children playing in the park. Gina R.

I used this drone to take my videos when I was kayaking on a shallow river. It never touched the water. If you are careful, I feel you can use this drone anywhere. Marcus B.

This is my first drone ever. I loved that I was not required to do any assemblage as I am real clumsy with my hands. Just got it out of the package and it was ready to fly in a couple of minutes. Trav K.

I gifted my father this drone. He has been having a lot of fun with it especially now that he lives close to his grandchildren and they take turns to fly it. It is so easy to operate that even a 67-year old man uses it. Don P.

Frankly, I thought I would buy this as a beginner drone and when I had learned to fly it, get a bigger one to take better videos. However, months later, I am yet to outgrow it. Mike C.

Potensic D50 Drone Camera

Pros of Potensic D50 Drone

  • Follow me mode is very good for a customized footage capturing experience
  • Camera takes stunning photographs and videos
  • Stable even in 20-mile winds
  • Flies back home when battery is low
  • Beginners find it easy to operate
  • 1080P videos
  • Big range for Wi-Fi transmission
  • FPV enables you to see your footage in real-time
  • Drone is very stable in hovering mode

Cons of Potensic D50 Drone

  • Battery life could be longer than 15 minutes
  • Connecting with controller can be a bit hard for a newbie
  • Arms are not foldable

Who Should Buy The Potensic D50 Drone?

Although many cheap follow me drone reviews say that this is a beginner drone, the advanced features are enough evidence that just about anyone can use the drone and have incredible fun. Let us just say you can buy this drone if you need a high quality drone that flies like a marvel, for your collection. It can also be good for kids and beginners who do not want to advance to a bigger drone in future. If you need a drone that finally does what the manufacturer says it can do. You will be glad you bought this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

By packing advanced features like Follow Me mode, longer Wi-Fi transmission range, better flight time and high quality material for body, Potensic have carved themselves a big niche in the market. You will see just why when you get this cheap follow me drone. You will agree that the price of the Potensic D50 is quite a steal considering the advanced features that it comes with. If you need a good drone, you would do better going for the best one.

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Drone Flying Tips

Flying drones is fun – doesn’t really matter whether it’s just your hobby or whether you’re using them for job monitoring or survey mapping. Manipulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones of different shapes and sizes requires practice. Whether you’re a construction company flying drones for survey mapping or an individual flying them indoors during your free time—you need to figure out the right ways to implement the technology.

Purchase the Right Model

Learning in this regard should start right from the time you’re buying these drones. We have already told you that drones are available in myriad sizes and shapes. They are backed by varying costs and performance features. You should buy a drone in accordance with the purpose you are buying it for. A drone meant to be flown only in a park is not the same as something designed for aerial photography. Are you looking for something with an in-built camera gimbal? Or, are you looking for something which is capable of performing pre-programmed barrel rolls? Procure answers to these questions in order to find the right drone for yourself.

Do you want an RTF drone or a DIY one? This is another important decision which you should make while you are in the process of buying drones. RTF stands for “Ready to Fly”. If you are buying an RTF model, then it is absolutely ready to fly once you take it out of the box. DIY models on the other hand, will require you to assemble parts before getting the drone ready to fly. Needless to say, it would be better if you are opting for the RTF model—for obvious reasons. Be careful to make a selection in accordance.

Get it Registered

Now that you have purchased your drone, it is important for you to register it with FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). If you have purchased a drone which weighs more than .55 pounds (250 grams) and less than 55 pounds then it’s imperative to get your machine registered with FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Registration System.

Best Drone With No FAA Registration Needed

Read the Manual carefully

Make sure you are not ignoring your manual at any cost. Read it carefully. It will help you if you need to assemble just an additional part or two. It will also help you understand the functions of each and every part better.

Practice is Key!

There are several factors that will define your experience of flying the drone in the first place. You might as well be too good with the speed but not so competent when it comes to subtle maneuvering of your drone or vice versa. The level of competency is decided by practice. If you’re practicing well, then you can master all the required tricks within a desirable time frame.

Have you checked your drone before flying?

It is important to check your drone before you are flying the same. If you are currently practicing without the help of GPS technology – then congratulations—you’re slowly preparing yourself for flying the more advanced versions of drones.

Keep your Backup Battery and other parts handy

Make sure you are keeping the spare parts handy – without fail. While flying the drones, you might as well end up facing possible disturbances like a fried motor or a bent prop. Keeping back up props handy in that case can turn out to be a lot of help. For instance, if your primary battery needs a recharge you can always fly your drone with the help of a backup flight battery. If you are flying a drone capable of capturing videos, make sure you are bringing one or two memory cards along. You can invest in Delkin’s microSD cards, for example!

If you are traveling extensively with your drone – make sure you are carrying a protective backpack.

Safety first!

Prioritize safety without fail. Since you’re still learning the ropes, it would be prudent on your end to keep your drone in sight while flying the same. That’s the cardinal rule. Focus only on flying. Don’t get distracted. Distraction is one of the main reasons why crashes happen. Read the safety documentation carefully as well.

Avoid taking your drone to crowded areas. Make sure you are updating yourself with the general laws governing drone-flying (safety laws and otherwise).

Planning is Important

If you are flying outdoors then make sure you are planning ahead. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced flyer or a beginner, you need to check the weather before setting off. Prohibitive weather may particularly turn out to be damaging if you’re planning a photo op

Flying in good weather helps you fly your drone accurately. You definitely wouldn’t want to fly your drones in heavy rains. However, good weather doesn’t only mean absence of rains. Watch out for strong winds on sunny days as well.

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Force1 U49WF Drone Review

The Force1 U49WF drone is a good choice for you if you are looking for a nice gift for a friend, for your kids or for anyone. It has been designed with many advanced features that are mostly found in bigger drones. However, this drone is not as cheap as many of the other small beginner drones. However, once you start flying it, you will see that it indeed is worth the price. There are so many fun things that you can do with this drone, as you will see in the latter sections of this review. Many people ask why they should get the Force1 when there are cheaper drones in the market. Well, there are many reasons, and one of them is that this drone has a long flight time, is very stable on flight and it captures good footage with its camera.

Force1 U49WF Image

Force1 U49WF Features & Technical Details

This drone is made of fiber material that is quite hard to break. Even if it crashes, it will come out intact. The propellers are safeguarded in protective frames to prevent breakage. Either way you look at this quadcopter, it is one of the safest ones in the market.

The first thing that you will note about this drone is just how easy it is to fly it. It has been equipped with a one-key landing and takeoff feature. Just tap that key and the drone lands or flies. You may even launch or land the drone with just a tap on the one-key landing and takeoff button on your smartphone.

One of the most captivating features in this beginner drone is the camera. It is a 720P video camera, and it shoots good video footage. The drone has an SD card slot and you can use any card, up to 16GB. This is enough to store your footage and view it later in your computer. But do not also forget that this drone has the first person view (FPV) feature that allows you to see what the drone can see. Just download the app, which is compatible with android as well as iPhone.

For security and ease of flying the drone, it has headless mode. This means that irrespective of whatever direction the drone is facing, if you engage the headless mode, the drone comes back to the person holding the remote transmitter. This has become a must-have feature for all beginner drones.

With the altitude hold function, you will just have to select a certain height and lock the drone to hover at that height. This is a good feature for people who love taking photographs and videos. The camera is quite stable, and so is the altitude hold and therefore you should have good quality footage.

Because this is a fun drone, it would not be complete without a 3D roll feature. That is why it has been designed with 360-degree flips to entertain you in the air. Just press the button for the flips and you will get eye-popping acrobatics.

For flight, there are different speed modes. Start on the lowest speed setting and advance to higher speeds later. Furthermore, the different speed settings make this drone good for beginners as well as advanced drone pilots.

The Force1 U49WF drone is sold with a spare battery. The flight time is 15 minutes, which is more than double what many of the other beginner drones offer. There is a low battery alert to let you know when it is time to bring the drone back home.

The Wi-Fi (smartphone) control range is 40 meters. If the drone goes out of range, you will hear a continuously beeping sound so that you can bring it in.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

Everything about this drone is very impressive. From the package it is delivered in to how it flies indoors, I love it. I am yet to try flying it outdoors but I soon will. Adrian J.

I was looking for something to gift myself with after a hard year in the office. However, I did not want something that would cost me so much money and that is why I ordered this drone. I love flying it in the yard on the weekends. Rodd B.

They do not come any better than the Force1 U49WF drone with a spare battery, a strong carbon fiber body and many more advanced features. I fell in love the minute I opened the package. Simon N.

With good lighting indoors, this drone takes high quality video and photo footage. Outdoors, the footage is even better, so good such that you are left asking whether this is a beginner drone at all. Ellen R.

I bought this drone for my sister who was not into drones and taught her how to fly it. Since then, she has been unable to keep her hands off it, taking videos of her toddler son and dogs in her yard every opportunity she gets. Trizanne W.

The only mistake I think they did with this drone was not to make it foldable. As a result, it looks bulky and not small enough to pop into your pocket for a flight in the park. However, the other features more than compensate for that. Kim T.

Force1 U49WF featuers

Pros of the Force1 U49WF drone

  • Good flight time from the battery
  • Strong body made of carbon fiber – does not break easily
  • It has FPV functionality
  • It is built to get through crashes with the propeller guards
  • It is quite easy to use
  • Has many safety features built-in
  • 360 degree flips make this drone very entertaining to fly

Cons of the Force1 U49WF drone

  • It is not a foldable drone
  • App can be hard to start using for a beginner

Who Should Buy the Force1 U49WF?

Anyone who fancies a drone with a long lasting battery and advanced features for a very affordable price can order this drone. The Force1 U49WF drone may be touted as a beginner drone, but it is necessarily not as you have no doubt guessed from the features. Even if you have a decade of experience flying drones, you will have crazy fun with this one. You will never regret spending money on this drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

With all the features such as the FPV camera, spare battery to give you 30 minutes of flight time, the 360-degree flips and the altitude hold and headless flight features, you can barely wait to get your hands on the drone. This will be money well spent. Whether you are buying it for someone else or for yourself, you will be happy you got it.

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