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Review: JEJAER Mini Drone

JEJAER Mini Drone

The JEJAER Mini Drone is a compact and affordable drone designed for kids aged 8-12. It comes with a range of features that make it easy to operate, fun to fly, and suitable for indoor use.

JEJAER Mini Features & Technical Details

Long Battery Life & Quick Charging: The JEJAER Mini Drone comes equipped with two removable batteries, each providing approximately 8 minutes of flight time. This ensures extended play sessions without frequent interruptions. Additionally, the included USB charging cable allows for convenient recharging, ensuring minimal downtime between flights.

Safe & Durable Construction: Designed with safety in mind, this drone features a structured style and four sturdy propeller guards. These elements not only enhance the drone’s durability, allowing it to withstand bumps and drops, but also ensure safe flight by protecting users from spinning propellers. The high-quality ABS material further contributes to its robustness, making it suitable for kids aged 8-12.

User-Friendly Operation: The JEJAER Mini Drone is incredibly easy to operate, making it ideal for beginners and children. It offers various functions such as toss launch, circle flight, auto-rotate, and 3D flip for added excitement. The inclusion of headless mode, one-button start/landing, and fixed height features simplifies the flying experience, allowing users to focus on enjoying the drone without worrying about complex controls.

Complete Kit & Portability: The package includes everything you need for an enjoyable drone flying experience, including 1 drone, 1 transmitter, 2 drone batteries, 1 USB charging cable, 4 extra propellers, 1 propeller screwdriver, and 1 user manual. This comprehensive kit ensures that users can start flying the drone right out of the box. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to transport, allowing for indoor and outdoor play wherever you go.

Wireless Communication & Battery Composition: The drone utilizes Wi-Fi for wireless communication, providing stable connectivity during flights. The battery cell composition is lithium polymer, known for its lightweight yet efficient power delivery, contributing to the drone’s overall performance and flight time.

Camera-Free Design: It’s important to note that the JEJAER Mini Drone does not include a camera, making it suitable for users who prioritize flight experience over aerial photography or videography capabilities.

JEJAER Mini Pros

  • Affordable price point, making it a great gift option.
  • Easy to operate, making it suitable for kids and beginners.
  • Spare batteries and propellers included for extended fun and convenience.
  • Durable construction with propeller guards for safety.
  • Compact and portable design allows for indoor and outdoor use.

JEJAER Mini  Cons

  • Battery life could be longer for extended play sessions.
  • Some users reported issues with inconsistent performance.

JEJAER Mini Drone Throw To Go

Who Should Buy this Drone?

The JEJAER Mini Drone is ideal for parents looking for an affordable and beginner-friendly drone for their kids aged 8-12. It’s also suitable for adults who want to practice flying drones without investing in expensive models.


Overall, the JEJAER Mini Drone offers great value for its price. It provides a fun and safe flying experience for kids and beginners, with features like spare batteries and propellers adding to its appeal. While it may have some limitations in battery life and occasional performance issues, its affordability and user-friendly design make it a worthwhile purchase for recreational drone flying.


If you’re looking for an entry-level drone for kids or beginners, the JEJAER Mini Drone is a solid choice. Its ease of use, safety features, and included accessories make it a fun and enjoyable flying experience for all ages.

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