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ScharkSpark SS40 Drone Review

ScharkSpark Drone SS40

This is a very affordable drone, but at the same time, it is full of features. Everything about the drone oozes quality, right from the styling, the colors and the build. The combination of the yellow and black colors makes this drone really stand out from the crowd. It has functions such as flight path, FPV, altitude hold and the ground breaking voice command technology. The ScharkSpark SS40 may be a small drone targeted at beginners, but it gives great value for money.

Honestly, some of the features that you will find in this drone are mostly found in bigger drones. For example, it even has wind resistance. You do not find such a feature in the small drones. You also find some good safety features and functions, which we will discuss in detail in the upcoming sections.

ScharkSpark Drone SS40

ScharkSpark SS40 Features & Technical Details

The devil is in the details, so they say. That is why every single feature is paramount in a drone irrespective of the size and the price range. What does the SS40 bring you? Let us find out.

The design and build quality

Here, ScharkSpark outdid themselves because visually, this drone is very attractive. First, the color combination is awesome. Secondly, the size is good for a drone in this price range. It measures 12 by 12 by 2.6 inches, quite big and handsome looking as you can see here. Even with this big size, the weight is a manageable 104g. This means you do not need to register the drone with the FAA before you can fly it.

By style, the SS40 is a quadcopter. However, they have gone a step further to include prop guards and some sort of protection. Thus, when flying it in a place with buildings and trees, you do not need to worry too much about its safety.

You will get a very stable flight because of the 6-axis gyro. This also enhances the quality of the videos and photos since the camera stays stable all the time.

Camera and FPV

The joy of owning a drone is so that you can use it as an aerial camera. For that purpose, this drone comes with a 1080P camera. This is not 1080P HD by name only since it really does live up to the name. The camera also has a wide field of view of 120 degrees. That should give you video footage some good background.

Using your smartphone, you will enjoy a nice first person view experience. The frequency for FPV transmission is 5GHz. Just download the right app into your smartphone to enjoy first person view. You will get crystal clear videos and you will capture details.

Battery and flight time

This drone is sold with one battery. The 800mAh battery will give you a maximum of 12 minutes of flight time. However, being a modular battery, you can buy a few others to prolong your flight time. Please note that since this drone comes with 3D flips function, if you engage such, it will drain the battery faster. The charge time for this battery is 90 minutes. The battery is easy to remove and insert, so it should be easy to use a few of them.

Remote controller

The remote controller is quite nimble and stylish. It has the buttons and joysticks at very convenient places. They are very responsive without being over-sensitive. You can use it through two or three batteries if you buy spare ones without feeling cramped in your wrists. It has a retractable smartphone handle that can fit different types of devices. As the excitement of flying the drone gets to you, you can be sure your smartphone is secure.

Flight features and functions

The stylish appearance (called Ferrari yellow in some resources) is no good if the drone cannot fly as it should. However, the ScharkSpark SS40 does not disappoint. It comes with a few excellent features for flight.

One key take off and landing

Every drone for beginners should have this feature. It makes flying the drone so easy. Just press the key and the drone either takes off or starts to land. What happens is that the drone hovers at a respectable height, waiting for your next move.

Altitude Hold

Technology will take care of the vertical height for you as the drone flies all you have to do is take care of the horizontal flight. That is what the altitude hold function does.

LED lights

They look fantastic and they help you to locate the drone when you are flying her in low-lit conditions. In the front, the lights are a bit high intensity, while the LEDs are at the back of the drone.

3 speed modes and 3D flips

Start on the low speed setting if it is your first time to fly the drone. You can then fly her at medium and high-speed settings later on. The good thing is that the drone responds really well in any speed mode. Then there are the 3D flips. This is just a fun feature to make your friends feel jealous. Note that high-speed mode and 3D flips will consume the battery charge faster.

Protective feature

This is not in the form of sensors. Rather, it is in the form of extended protection bars for every propeller. That way, if the drone collides with anything, the shock will not reach the body or the motors.

Flight trajectory

Open the app and on the map, draw dots over the route where you would like the drone to pass. You can then connect them by a line and when you launch the drone, it will follow that route, capturing footage from all angles.

ScharkSpark Drone SS40 Featuers

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I bought this drone for my 14-year old son and he has been having himself quite a ball flying it. Patrick C.

I almost doubted the size because of the low price. This is a big drone and has some good features with it. I love flying it and I plan to keep it with me. Matt W.

The camera is truly 1080P HD. Some drones say they have 2K only to find out that they don’t. This one works as advertised. Photo Man.

I wanted a small gift for my husband on our 20th anniversary. Randy is hard to impress, but I could not miss the sparkle that crept into his eye when he opened this package. Betty R.

Nicely put together, nice package, good camera and long flight time… I could not ask for more because this drone is everything I need. Ian T.

I did not expect much. I just bought it for the low price. However, she can fly, and I guess that is all I can ask for from a toy drone. HandyMan

I have owned a ScharkSpark before, and I love their stylish drones. This one is very appealing to the eyes, quite a looker. Nancy N.

Pros of the ScharkSpark SS40

  • Good flight time from one battery
  • Easy to control even for kids
  • Has many flight functions including 3D flips
  • Minimal weight if you love traveling with it
  • The videos are truly 1080P in resolution, quite good
  • 100 meters is an impressive flight range for such a drone
  • It has voice control – give voice commands

Cons of the ScharkSpark SS40

  • This drone is too big and it is not foldable
  • 3D flips drain the battery faster

ScharkSpark Drone SS40 Camera

Who Should Buy The ScharkSpark SS40?

There is no limitation; just buy it whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. You may even buy it for your kid. For such a low price, the features are indeed awesome. If you want a cheap aerial camera for your family, get the ScharkSpark SS40 drone. The build of the drone is hardy, so it will not crack open and spill its guts at the first crash. Many people buy this drone just for its style. The color is great and so is the size. People will think you have an expensive drone.

Conclusion and Recommendation

When you buy your ScharkSpark SS40 drone, you will want to start having a good time with it. However, there are a few recommendations to bear in mind. First, find an open space without any obstacles. This will lower the risks of crashing. Secondly, read the user manual carefully to assemble it and fly it. To save your battery charge, avoid doing high-speed modes and 3D flips if you can. You may order spare batteries to prolong your flight time.

Final recommendation: Only charge with the supplied charging cable.

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