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SJRC F22S Pro Drone Review

The SJRC F22S Pro drone stands as a testament to SJRC’s commitment to delivering high-quality drones at accessible prices. Boasting an EIS gimbal-stabilized 4K camera, a laser-assisted obstacle avoidance system, and an impressive battery life, it outshines many competitors in its class.

SJRC F22S Pro Features & Technical Details:

Camera Quality:

The F22S Pro features an EIS gimbal-stabilized 4K camera with remote angle adjustment (80°). This ensures stable and high-quality aerial photography and videography, setting it apart in its price range.

Obstacle Avoidance System:
The inclusion of a laser-assisted obstacle avoidance system adds an extra layer of safety, allowing for confident flights even in potentially challenging environments.

Battery Life:

SJRC advertises an official battery life of 35 minutes, which is remarkable for consumer drones in this price range. However, real-world conditions often yield flight times around 25-27 minutes, still offering a commendable duration.

Compact Design and Weight:

With folded arms measuring 210 * 95 * 80mm and a weight of 585 grams, the drone falls within the category requiring FAA registration. Despite its compact size, it boasts powerful brushless motors, ensuring stability even in windy conditions.

Camera Specifications:


  • Photo Resolution: 3840* 2160P (phone) / 3840*2160P (SD card)
  • Video Resolution: 1280720P (phone) / 3840 2160P (SD card)
  • Camera Lens: F2.15, FOV 100°
  • SD Card Support: 32G-128G (optional)


SJRC F22S Pro Camera

GPS and Intelligent Flight Modes:
The drone features GPS-enabled one-click return, low power return, and no-signal return. It also supports gesture recognition and shooting within a 1-3 meter distance from the aircraft. Additionally, it offers multi-point route planning flight and fixed point surrounds.

Video Transmission Range:
The F22S Pro boasts an impressive video transmission range of up to 3.5 kilometers, providing ample room for exploration and capturing breathtaking footage.

SJRC F22S Pro Pros:

  • Outstanding battery life for a drone in its price range, offering up to 35 minutes of flight time.
  • Advanced EIS gimbal-stabilized 4K camera for high-quality aerial photography and videography.
  • Laser-assisted obstacle avoidance system enhances safety during flight.
  • Compact and foldable design makes it highly portable, suitable for travelers and adventurers.
  • Powerful brushless motors provide excellent stability even in windy conditions.

SJRC F22S Pro Cons:

  • Real-world flight time may be closer to 25-27 minutes, which is still respectable.
  • Range and performance may vary depending on environmental conditions and interference.

SJRC F22S Pro GPS return

Who Should Buy this Drone:

The SJRC F22S Pro drone is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced flyers. Photographers, videographers, and recreational users will appreciate its high-quality camera and stable flight performance. Travelers and adventurers will find its foldable design and GPS capabilities particularly appealing


The SJRC F22S Pro drone offers an impressive array of features at an accessible price point. Its exceptional camera capabilities, obstacle avoidance system, and extended battery life make it a standout choice in the sub-$500 category. Whether you’re capturing stunning aerial imagery or embarking on adventurous journeys, the F22S Pro is a reliable and versatile companion.

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