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SYMA X22W Review


The SYMA X22W drone is sleek, stylish and beautiful. The white, gray, black and red color combination makes it look stunning. But stunning is no good to you or anyone if it is all there is to a drone.

The X22W is a product from symatoys. This is one of the best drone makers in the market today. One thing that everyone concedes when they see the toy drones from SYMA is just how stylish they all look.  The X22W is the most stylish of them all.

In the X22W, they have incorporated just about every fun feature that you need to enjoy flying the drone. We shall look at all that in detail later on. You will also see that this drone is quite safe. It is hardy, durable and it has been put together carefully to give you some excitement when you fly it.

SYMA X22W Features & Technical Details

There is no doubt that this is one of the most user-friendly drones in the market. However, let us investigate this claim a little. What makes a drone user-friendly? Well, it is all in the features! In this section, let us see what features you will get.

Design, build quality and durability

This drone is built with high quality ABS plastic for the casing. As a drone that can be used by beginners, kids and anyone else, it can suffer some abuse. With this high quality exterior casing, even if the drone drops, it will not burst open.

Regarding the size of the drone, this is very small. It measures 5.7 by 5.7 by 1.2 inches.  In fact, it is recommended for flying indoors since even minimal wind can make it vanish. At the same time, it weighs a meager weight of 70g! It is a fixed wing craft.

For safety, we have said that it has an ABS exterior casing. But that is not all. The propeller guards enhance the protection of the blades. Overall, we can say that this is a well-built small drone. It does not promise things that it cannot do.

Camera quality

Small as this drone is, it still packs a nice camera. It captures videos in 720P resolution. You can be able to capture nice videos and photos in HD quality. This camera is fixed in front of the nose. It means that you cannot see what is happening under the drone, only what is ahead of it.

You will also enjoy a good first person view experience. You will just have to download the SYMA FLY app to your smartphone. You will enjoy the real-time video and photo transmission. For such a small drone, this is no mean feat. Enjoy it to the full.

Battery and flight time

The first thing that you will notice about this battery is that it is quite safe. It is a modular battery, without any wires hanging out. Thus, even when your kid is playing with the drone, you cannot be unduly worried. This is a modular battery, it is easy to insert and remove. It will give you a flight time of about 9 minutes. The charging time is 60 minutes.

Remote controller

The remote controller is small and quite solid. It is has a smartphone holder clip. It comes with the same color as the drone. It is also built with the same high quality material as the drone itself.  The two joysticks are quite prominent and very responsive.

Flight features, functions and performance

The flight distance of this drone is 25 meters. That is quite a feat for such a small drone. The performance of the drone is good both indoor and outdoor. However, ensure there is no wind at all.

Here are some of the most outstanding flight features and functions:

Altitude Hold

The SYMA X22W drone has altitude hold, a very welcome feature indeed for drones targeted at beginners. When you engage the altitude hold mode, this drone maintains its vertical height without losing height.

Flight Track Mode

This function allows you to draw a flight path on the app that the drone will follow. The drone follows that path capturing videos and photos along the way.

Headless mode

When you engage headless mode, the drone always heads the right way. What we mean is that back is back, forward is forward and so on. Usually, this feature is added to drones with longer flight range so that they can stay aligned even when out of sight.

Gravity sensor mode

When you have downloaded the SYMA FLY/GO app, you can control the flight of the drone vertically and horizontally simply using your smartphone. The drone has a G-sensor integrated for gravity control.

Different speed modes

You can fly the drone at low, medium or high speed. Just choose the level of speed most suitable for your level of experience.

One key take off and land

You just need to pair the drone with the controller and then press the one start key. The propellers start turning; the drone takes off when you push the throttle and hovers at a given height.

SYMA X22W One Button take off and landing

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

The X22W is a small and nimble drone. I ordered two for my twin nephews’ birthday. They think I am the hottest auntie in town right now. Melanie L.

I wish this drone had a longer flight time, but at times, what you get is what you get. The longest I have been able to coax out of the drone is 7 minutes. Adam C.

Honestly, I doubted the capability of this small toy drone. However, I am pleasantly surprised whenever I fly it in the backyard every weekend. Hoss W.

This is a small drone for beginners, but it has many features that you will enjoy using. It has a short flight range and is easy to control for kids. Amanda G.

There is a lot to look forward to in this drone. It even has 3D flips and gravity control mode. Charles P.

For its size and price, I think the camera is pretty good, especially with the videos. The flight range could be better though. Andy F.

Pros of SYMA X22W

  • Sleek and stylish small drone
  • Light in weight, easy to carry on your person
  • Makes a perfect gift for grownups as well as children
  • The price is affordable
  • You get a good FPV experience
  • The camera quality is actually good, nice videos
  • It is fun to fly with features such as trajectory flight
  • The drone is kid-safe

Cons of SYMA X22W

  • Short flight time from the battery
  • Drone can disappear easily when there is even the least wind
  • Requires some getting used to especially for beginners

SYMA X22W Altitude Hold

Who Should Buy The SYMA X22W?

You can buy the SYMA X22W for many reasons. First, it is perfect for beginners because it comes with features that some higher priced drones come with. Secondly, it really flies nicely, has many flight functions too. Thirdly, it is affordable, so you will not feel the pinch even if you are buying it as a gift for someone. This drone has an impressive build, design and style. If you want a beautiful drone to display in your trophy shelf collection, get this one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

You have seen the flight features and functions of the SYMA X22W. You have also seen the build quality of this drone. Once you get it, take note of a few important things. Firstly, only fly it in clear spaces or indoors because it can vanish easily. You can imagine how light it is at 70g. Secondly, fly it at low speed first, and then as you gain more experience, move on up. If you care about battery time, do not do 3D flips. They will drain it fast.

Show me the price!

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