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Benefits of Ocusync Transmission

DJI Mini 2

What Is DJI Ocusync and How Does It Work?

Ocusync is a transmission technology by DJI that debuted with the DJI Mavic Pro in September 2016. In the drone market, this advanced transmission system from DJI leads the industry. It comes in versions 1.0 and 2.0, and both of them ride on the success of the Lightbridge transmission technology.

What is a drone transmission system?

When you are looking for your first drone and you find terms like transmission system, they might sound like technical jargon. Transmission system means the technology by which the drone communicates with the remote controller or the internet-enabled devices that you will be using to control the drone.

With that enlightenment, you can guess that better or more advanced transmission systems give longer flight range. In addition, advanced transmission offers better responsiveness in regard to how the drone obeys commands that you key in on the remote controller or mobile app.

Since the invention of FPV drones, manufacturers have been looking for ways to increase the image transmission range digitally and with the lowest latency possible.

WiFi vs Lightbridge Transmission

Before they added Ocusync transmission to their portfolio, DJI used WiFi transmission and Lightbridge, with Lightbridge being more robust.

WiFi transmission for drones comes in two versions. First, there is the 2.4GHz, which has a longer range but slower speed. Today, you will find that many drones come with a 2.4GHz remote controller.

On the other hand, there is the 5GHz WiFi transmission. Now, this means the 5.8GHz WiFi that has faster speed but covers a shorter range. Therefore, if your drone supports 5G WiFi, you can connect to it when you want to fly it in your backyard or indoors.

Lightbridge transmission gave users a better option than regular WiFi transmission, which unfortunately is only able to transmit signal within a short range. It also experiences interruptions from other WiFi devices.

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