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Cons of JJRC X11

JJRC X11 Image

JJRC X11 Review

Most long range drones, and by long range, we mean a range of 1000 meters and above, cost a lot of money. However, the JJRC X11 is very affordable, yet at the same time, it has a flight range of 1600 meters/1.6km. Just how awesome is that! However, JJRC makes good drones for low, mid-range and even high budgets. So it is no surprise to see such an incredible quadcopter under their name.

The goodness does not stop there. When you buy the drone, you can knock yourself out with 40 minutes of flight time, assuming you buy it with two batteries. On some online marketplaces, it is offered in options of one or two batteries, of course, at different prices.

JJRC   X11 Image
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