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FEGRAD EC20 Review

The FEGRAD EC20 is a small, stable and powerful quadcopter that is made for adults who want to learn how to fly. It is perfect for a person who wants a drone that has good specs and many flight functions but at the same time, it is not too costly.

The package comes with two batteries, the drone itself, one remote controller, a storage case, charging cable, and a spare set of propellers. It also comes ready to fly so when you get it, you just need to calibrate it and fly it.

This is a good drone for the price. But it also has its downsides.You are more likely to capture 1080P videos than 4K ones.

Also, this drone does not come with an SD card slot. Thus, it means you have to store all of your footage in your smartphone and transfer it later. At the price it is sold at, an SD card slot would have been very appropriate.

Keep reading as we explore the features of this quadcopter in more detail.
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