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GoolRC SG106 Camera

GoolRC SG106

GoolRC SG106 Drone Review

In the 21st century, a drone must not only fly, but it must also incorporate many fun features. And no one does this better than GoolRC. As you will see in this GoolRC SG106 drone review, this one has advanced features such as portrait follow. You just tap the person that you want the drone to follow and it will stick with them, capturing footage all along.

With time, the drone cameras seem to be getting better. Just imagine that with a price of less than $70 in most online marketplaces, you will be getting a 4K camera with the SG106. If that is not a steal, I do not know what is! Other features that make this affordable drone a must-buy for all drone enthusiasts include the optical flow positioning function, gravity sensor and trajectory flight to name but just a few of them.

GoolRC SG106
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