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JJRC X13 Drone Functions


JJRC X13 Review

For this price, we must say that this drone has quite a lot going for it. However, price alone is not enough to make you buy a drone. Therefore, in the upcoming sections of this article, we shall look at the JJRC X13 drone features, flight functions, build and design quality and even the pros and cons.

This drone is a DJI Phantom look-alike. However, there is no problem in that since many drones look alike. However, even though it doesn’t measure up to the Phantom, still, there are good things to say about it. For example, many drones in this price range come with brushed motors, but the X13 comes with brushless ones.

This drone does not come without its downsides too:

For example, it is not a foldable drone. While this is not a big deal, it would have been great to make the drone foldable.

Another thing that you may not like about this drone is the JJRC X app. On Google Play, there are quite a number of complaints about the poor connectivity and other issues.

The other disadvantage is that while this drone is a 4K camera, it will only record 720P videos if you do not have a memory card to store your footage.

Keep reading as we explore more of the features of this drone in detail.

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