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KF107 Drone Technical Details

KF107 Drone

KF107 Drone Review

The KF10 Drone with 4K camera is one of the affordable beginner level quadcopters that you can buy for an exhilarating flight experience. However, a good aircraft is known by its features, specs and flight functions. Therefore, we are going to explore what features this one comes with, later.

Among some of the features that make this quadcopter stand out among its peers include the dual camera function. It has two cameras – the nose and the belly camera. The good thing is that you can switch from one to the other at will, from the remote controller.

Even if you have years of experience flying toy-class quadcopters, this one is going to excite you quite a lot. It has too many features and functions to be boring.

This aircraft is available in three packages – with one, two or three batteries. It is better to get at least two batteries for a longer flight time.

KF107 Drone
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