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Potensic U42 Technical Details

Potensic U42

Potensic U42 Drone Review

Potensic is no strange name in the world of drones. They have produced many stunning drones in the past. When you want to buy a drone that comes ready to fly right out of the box with no assemblage needed, get the Potensic U42 drone.

The U42 is a good drone for beginners. Both adults and children can use it. However, when children are using the drone, please make sure you supervise them so that the drone stays safe. After all, it does not have a return to home button. In fact, you will be forgiven for thinking that the remote controller is a bit basic as compared to many others because it lacks the bells and whistles of multiple knobs and buttons that others come with.

This is a very affordable drone. It is not foldable, but it is very stylish in design and build. Of course, we will look at its physical features in deeper details later on this article.

Potensic U42
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