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SIMREX X11 Altitude Hold


SIMREX X11 Drone Review

If you have been searching for an affordable performance drone with a good camera, your search ends here with this SIMREX X11 drone review. It is one of the latest entrants into the market in the X line of SIMREX drones.

SIMREX is not new to the drone market. They have been making toy drones and indeed other types of toys for many years. We reviewed in detail the SIMREX X300C drone some months ago. Today, we look at the X11, which is another fun toy drone in their lineup.

Other drones that they offer include X400-V2, X101, X500 and X600. They also make a collection of high-speed remote-controlled toy cars, water guns and many other kid toys. For a one-stop center for children’s toys, SIMREX does not disappoint.

The X11 is a good drone for beginners and intermediate. It has many features and the camera quality is good. With a 2-axis gimbal for stabilizing the camera, you can get this as your aerial camera for all of your memorable family moments.

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