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Skydio R1 Technical Details

Skydio R1

Skydio R1 Review

Quite an intriguing design for this drone, high price as well. However, as you will see in this Skydio R1 review, this drone is worth every dime that you will pay for it. The drone looks different from many other drones that you know. While it is not ruggedly handsome or anything close, it stands apart from the others. It is certainly going to get several glances thrown your way in the park.

Enough about the looks though, at least for now – what can this drone do? A lot. First, its bestselling feature is that it is an autonomous drone meaning that you can fly it hands-free. The inclusion of a 4K video camera also makes it a good drone to shoot your footage for outdoor adventures like hiking, mountain biking, driving/road trips and many more.

The price of this drone was even higher than what it is today. Initially, it cost $2500. However, it was slashed to $2000. In the upcoming sections, we will look at all the features that it comes with. That way, you can then make up your mind whether it is worth the money. Or not.

Skydio R1

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