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XKJ K911 Max Cons


XKJ K911 MAX Review

Over time, many drones have been made available in different packages to meet different budgets. For instance, the XKJ K911 Max comes with/without obstacle avoidance, with one, two or three batteries.

The extra features cost more, but they can be worth it. Obstacle avoidance is for safety because it prevents your aircraft from crashing into things. More batteries mean a longer flight time.

In the product description, the manufacturer says the K911 Max has an 8K camera, but most people who have used it do not agree. It is more like 4K, or lower! Thus, if you are buying it on account of the camera alone, you might want to think twice.

The user manual seems to be mostly available in Chinese. Also, you need to be aware of flying it in the wind because it is so light and it will be hard to trim. GPS positioning takes too long to start working.

You can see there are a number of downsides to the aircraft. It is still a good entry level drone that will teach you the basics of flying and taking aerial footage.

Keep reading to see its features and other details.

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