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Tucok 011 Review

Tucok 011 Drone

The Tucok 011 comes with a remote controller that has an LCD display. It also comes with brushless motors and level 5-wind resistance. If you would like an advanced drone to get you into the flying hobby and you do not want to spend a lot of money on popular names such as DJI, get this one.

Besides, the overall control range for this drone is quite long. Even if you are an advanced drone pilot, you will find the 011 very exciting and you probably won’t outgrow it, unless you want a racing drone. As your aerial camera of choice, you will find that it can capture stunning footage, all conditions being right.

There is a small downside to be aware of. For instance, it has a laser camera for obstacle avoidance. However, you have to install it by following the instructions in the user manual. This is a small bother, but some people find it confusing.

Keep reading as we look at the features and flight functions of the Tucok drone.

Tucok 011 Drone

Tucok 011 Features & Technical Details

Here, we shall look at the build quality, the design and the choice of parts. We shall also see how well the camera and the batteries perform.

Design and durability

First, the take off weight of the 011 is 569g, which is much higher than the threshold where you are allowed to fly it without registration with the civil aviation authorities. If you are in North America, you will definitely have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

This is a folding drone by design, which makes its portability and storage so easy. When unfolded for flight, it measures 14.0 by 14 by 4.3 inches. When you fold it for storage, it measures 7.6 by 4.0 by 4.3 inches.

For a better and more powerful flight performance, this quadcopter comes with brushless motors. Such motors spend less battery power. These motors also do a good job of flying longer without overheating. They also have a lower noise level as compared to their brushed counterparts.

Also, this drone comes with a high quality travel bag with a couple of internal storage pockets. You will be able to keep your items well organized when keeping it in storage or when traveling.

This drone has a built-in SD card slot that supports SD cards of up to 128GB.

Camera Quality

This is a dream drone for a person that likes to keep memories of their travel and outdoor adventures. It comes with a 4K nose camera. Its vertical angle is remotely adjustable by up to 90 degrees. You will get photos with a resolution of 4096 by 3072 while you can capture 3K videos at 25FPS.

Please note that these are resolutions for footage that you store in the SD card. If you store footage in your smartphone, it will be at a lower resolution.

This drone also supports first person view. To enjoy FPV, you will have to download the Tucok app to your smartphone. This is going to unlock many flight functions.

The overall FPV distance is 9800 feet but it is best to ensure that you do not fly the quadcopter further than you can see it.

The camera has EIS (electronic image stabilization) and 3-axis mechanical gimbal for removing all distortion from your footage.

Two Batteries with 56 minutes flight time

In the package, you are going to find two batteries. These batteries are modular by design, which means they will charge outside the quadcopter.

Tucok has included two USB charging cables so that you can charge both batteries at the same time if you like.

The charging time for one battery is 5 hours, which is common for high capacity batteries. It is recommended that you charge the batteries with the provided USB cable to avoid damaging them.

One battery is going to give you around 28 minutes of flight time. Collectively, you will get 56 minutes of flight time. This is enough time to fly the drone and have all the fun that you want. There is no need to buy a third battery.

Remote controller with LCD display

The most outstanding feature of the remote controller is the small LCD display at the center. It displays important stats such as flight distance, flight height and speed.

It also shows you the remaining voltage of the battery so that you can know when to bring it home. Don’t worry though because if the drone loses signal or battery power, it comes home automatically.

This remote controller is rechargeable, so you will not have to get alkaline batteries or anything. Just recharge it and on one charge, it can fly through a couple of batteries.

The charging cable for the remote controller is included.

Flight Functions

This drone comes equipped with several flight functions. These are fun to use and they make the quadcopter very simple to fly. They are as follows:

Follow me mode

Keeping a decent distance of 30 meters, the Tucok 011 drone locks onto you and keeps pace while taking footage. This is an incredible function for road trips and other outdoor adventures. You can only use follow me mode when the drone is in GPS mode.

GPS Auto and manual return

When the drone loses signal or battery power, you can press the return to home key and it will turn and come home immediately. However, even if you do not do that, the drone will turn and come back home as long as GPS mode is on.

Waypoint mode

This is a fun mode, where you can open the map interface on the app and tap on the screen to create a route that the drone will follow when you launch it.

Obstacle avoidance

The 011 drone also comes with all-round obstacle avoidance, which means it will sense obstacles from above, below, and from the sides as well. However, please note that the obstacle avoidance camera only works in low speed mode. Also, you need to install the obstacle avoidance camera, and the instructions for the same are in the user manual.

Tucok 011 Obstacle Avoidance

Feedback from owners of Tucok 011

I love everything about the 011. It has a powerful flight performance thanks to the brushless motors, the app is very responsive and the camera quality is high. The GPS features also make it a safe drone to fly because it cannot get lost. Just make sure that the GPS mode is engaged when you are flying it out of your sight. Arnie K.

Tucok 011 Pros

  • It comes with 3-axis gimbal and EIS for image stabilization
  • Incredibly long flight and FPV range of up to 3000 meters
  • Comes with a good travel bag
  • Long flight time from two batteries
  • It has level 5 wind resistance for good beach flights
  • You can see the last-known position of the drone when it is flying
  • It comes with an obstacle avoidance laser camera

Tucok 011 Cons

  • Long charging time for the batteries
  • Can be a bit complicated for beginners to operate
  • The app – XiL MAX might not work with all smart devices

Tucok 011 GPS Flight Functions

Who Should Buy The Tucok 011 Drone?

This is a good drone for advanced pilots, it has so many features and flight functions that make it exciting to fly. For a beginner who has never flown a drone before, this one might be a bit too complicated to fly, so they probably need to cut their teeth on a smaller, simpler drone and then they can get this one.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There is no doubt that the Tucok 011 is a high quality drone. However, when you get it, first, get an SD card to store your footage in the highest resolution possible. Also, read the user manual to know how to set up the obstacle avoidance camera.

This drone has a long flight range. However, ensure that you do not fly it out of your sight. At the same time, you have to register it with the FAA before you can fly it.

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