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UpAir 2 Ultrasonic Drone Review

UpAir 2 Ultrasonic

There are drones and then there are awesome, stunning drones that not only look and feel special. The UpAir 2 Ultrasonic I 3D+4K is one such drone. As you will see in the latter sections of this Upair 2 Ultrasonic review, it has an admirable collection of features that give ultimate value for money.

With a camera that has three lenses, the main one being a 4K that is positioned in the middle while the other two are 2K full HD lenses, you know you will be able to capture quite awesome videos and photographs with the camera.

Of course, there are many more features to this drone. Everything about it, including the battery oozes quality. The manufacturer says that it is most suitable for grownups and kids that are at least 15 years old.

UpAir 2 Ultrasonic

UpAir 2 Ultrasonic Features & Technical Details

Design and build quality

The first thing that you will notice about this drone is that it is very stylish. It is not rare to find beauty, style and functionality combined to make an incredible drone, but with this one, UpAir really went an extra mile to bring you a drone that impresses immediately you get it out of the box. The dashing white color also helps in the looks department. Weighing more than 1.25kg, you will need to register it with the FAA before you can fly it. It is a big drone and it is quite appealing and impressive to everyone who sees it.

The camera

This is probably the bestselling feature of the UpAir 2 Ultrasonic drone. It is called a 3-eye camera drone because it has three lenses. The main lense is a 16MP, which is great for still photos and videos. If you run a professional videography business, you may consider buying this drone for your backup camera.

This is a 3D+4K camera and with it, you will capture 3D videos. Fancy that! You will see the three lenses lined up in front of the drone. The middle one is a 4K UHD lens while the other two are 2K FHD lenses.

Because the drone has been designed with a 3-axis gimbal with high precision, you will capture high quality videos even when the drone is in mid-flight. You will also be able to control the angle of the camera from -90 degrees to 10 degrees from the controller.

When you download the UpAir app, you will also enjoy watching your videos in real-time, through the FPV feature. However, you will need to use your smartphone for this because the controller does not have a screen.

Still on FPV mode, the advanced 5.8 GHz WI-Fi transmission makes it possible to transmit clear videos at low latency over a long distance of more than 2.5 kilometers.


The UpAir 2 Ultrasonic 3D+4K drone comes with an intelligent battery. With a capacity of 5100mAh, this battery is able to pump out more than 20 minutes, actually 24 minutes of flight time. With such a fantastic drone, you may want more flight time, so find out whether you can buy a spare battery to prolong your flight time.

When we call this one an intelligent battery, it is because it is able to tell you when it is running low, probably by giving you a warning. It also has a battery meter, so that you can see how much charge you have left. It also means that the UpAir 2 automatically comes back home, this being the place it was launched from if the battery runs critically low.

Optical Flow Positioning

This is just about the control of the positioning of the drone, whether GPS is available or not. It is a great feature for people who love to fly their drones indoors because you can avoid hitting obstacles.

Follow Me Mode

Follow me mode is pretty much the standard in every drone today. In fact, it is also available in many mini drones, even the cheapest ones in the market. Thankfully, follow me mode is very helpful. It allows you to set the drone to follow you so that you can fly it hands-free as it captures your video footage. This is a very good feature for people that love capturing their outdoor adventures such as mountain biking, road trips, mountain climbing and others on video.

Autonomous flight

Just download the UPAir app to your smartphone and then use it to draw the route that you would like the drone to follow, capturing video and transmitting it in real-time over a distance of 2500 meters. You can preset two coordinates between which you would like the drone to fly.

The controller

Like the drone, the controller is also white in color. It has a smartphone stand. It is ergonomic in design and you can hold it comfortably over the 24 minutes of flight time on one charge. It has all the flight controls marked in clear icons. Of course, you can access these on the app, but you will not be flying the drone with your smartphone all the time.

UpAir 2 Ultrasonic 4K camera

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I had quite a learning curve learning how to fly this drone. If this is going to be your very first drone, please know that you will have lots of learning to do. That is why it is recommended for intermediates and pro pilots. Jimmy D

First, read the user manual carefully before you do anything. This is a precious drone and you would not like to fly it blindly without knowing what you are doing. Once you get it right, you will love its flight performance. Samrose W.

I love the camera work of this drone. You should see the kinds of videos and photos that I have been able to capture with it, from the aerial perspective of course. Incredibly good camera with the UpAir 2 Ultrasonic. Lincoln T.

The UpAir 2 Ultrasonic has a nice, intelligent battery that gives a beep when it is running low or when the drone is getting out of range. With 24 minutes of flight time, they do not come any better in this flight range. Ezra S.

If you have any problem getting your UpAir 2 drone to fly, call customer support. I did and they helped me a lot, despite my novice questions. Shalom G.

Be sure to get the right memory card to store your videos. I had a problem at first because I bought an incompatible one. Apart from that hitch, you will love the UpAir 2 Ultrasonic drone.

Pros of UpAir 2 Ultrasonic

  • Long flight time from the battery
  • Many flight features including auto-return, follow me mode and altitude hold
  • Excellent camera work – incredible videos and photos
  • Video transmission over a long distance
  • Comes with a nice storage case
  • Nice controller
  • Good customer support from the seller
  • Good outdoor flight

Cons of UpAir 2 Ultrasonic

  • A bit hard to fly for beginners
  • Manual can be a bit hard to figure out
  • A bit heavy

UpAir 2 Ultrasonic Single Button landing

Who Should Buy The UpAir 2 Ultrasonic?

If you love a high quality drone that is sold at a reasonably fair price, get the UpAir 2 Ultrasonic. It has so many advanced features, especially the camera and you will be able to take pro-like photos and videos. You will be able to transmit video over more than 2000 meters, a very big feat indeed. If you have intermediate or professional drone flying skills, you should enjoy using this drone. If you are a newbie, you will find the learning curve a bit long.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Before you do anything, before you even assemble this drone, it is recommended that you read the user manual keenly. This is a slightly complicated drone and therefore you do not want to rush it. It is also recommended that you get in touch with customer service if you do not understand how to put the UpAir 2 Ultrasonic drone in the air. They are very supportive. Once you learn how to fly the UpAir 2, you will have an exhilarating experience.

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