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VISUO XS816 Drone Review


The Visuo XS816 drone comes with an optical flow sensor located somewhere below the camera. The essence of this is that it makes it easy to fly and hover the drone at a certain height. You can hover the drone steadily to capture distortion-free photos and videos. This is a camera drone and it comes with a high capacity battery. Of course, we shall look at these features and its flight functions in more details later.

Whether you want to fly the drone indoors or outdoors, it performs well. However, as happens with small drones, choose a calm time to fly it when there is no wind. But first, the technical features and details …


VISUO XS816 Features & Technical Details

This drone is so rich with both physical and non-physical/app features. You should really enjoy flying it whether it is your first or umpteenth drone.

Design and build quality

This is a folding quadcopter. It will fold into a small and compact size for traveling easily with it. You can just pop it into your jacket pocket and the drone will not be too much trouble. When it is unfolded, it measures 11.8 by 11.0 by 2.4 inches. When it is folded, it measures 7.3 by 5.3 by 2.5 inches. It weighs 160g, so you will not need to register the drone with the FAA if you are in the US or Canada.

This drone has coreless motors. Coreless is slightly different from regular motors. This motor lacks an iron core, which means it is light in weight and therefore it allows faster acceleration and deceleration. Please note that brushless motors are also coreless by design.

The exterior casing is made of high quality ABS plastic. It protects the interior parts and at the same time, it will not fall apart in crash. All the same, please take good care of your drone so that it can last a long time.

Camera quality

The manufacturer says that the VISUO XS816 has a 4K camera. However, most likely, you will never get to use that. Therefore, you will have to be content with a 720P video quality and 2MP photo quality. The good thing is that with the inbuilt 6 Axis gyro, your camera stays stable even when the drone shakes. Therefore, it takes good footage all the time.

You also get to enjoy a good first person view with this drone on your smartphone. You will get real-time video transmission over 5GHz frequency. The FPV transmission distance is 25 meters.

Remote control

It is small, nimble, effective and well marked. Even a first-time drone owner will find it easy to use this drone’s remote controller since every function has a key. There is a forward – backward key, there is an emergency stop button and many more. You also get two responsive but not overly sensitive joysticks. The remote controller uses four 1.5V AAA batteries but they are not included. You have to buy them separately. The control distance with the remote controller is 50 meters.

Battery and flight time

This drone comes with a high capacity 3.7V 1800mAh battery. This can give you a nice 20 minutes of flying. You can buy another battery, two if you like so that you can enjoy flying the drone for longer. The battery comes with its charging cable. Use that because it is more effective. The battery is safe to handle, with no exposed wires or stuff, being a modular battery, it is also easy to remove and insert into your drone.

Flight features and functions

The VISUO XS816 has many admirable flight features and functions. Here are the most crucial of them all:

Optical flow positioning

This is a great function for hovering the drone boty correctly and steadily. It allows you to capture good photos and video footage. This function ensures that the drone stays stable in the set altitude without the input of the pilot.

Headless mode

Fly the drone in headless mode when you do not want to worry about where the drone faces when it is out of your sight. It will align its direction in accordance to the position of the pilot.

Way point mode

Use this function to draw a flight route on the app when you want the drone to fly along hands-free. When you launch it, the drone follows that route.

3-speed mode

There is a low, medium and high-speed mode, which accommodates pilots of all experience levels. Start on the low speed mode if you are a beginner and try high speed when you have gained some experience.

Following Mode

Punch the follow me mode and the drone will follow you ever so easily. It will capture good photos and video footage when you fly it in follow me mode. If you increase your speed, it increases its speed and vice versa, keeping a respectable distance all the time.

Gravity sensor control

This is an app-controlled function. When you tilt the phone, the drone flies in that direction.

Gesture Mode

In this mode, the drone is going to capture photo and video footage by responding to your gestures. Show it the victory sign and it will take your selfie photos.

One key return

Get the drone to return to home when you press the one key return key. If you lose the signal or the battery runs low, punch this key and the drone turns to come back home.

Emergency stop button

When you press the emergency button, the drone will stop flying and land right there where it is. It is a safety feature that can prevent your drone from getting lost.

VISUO XS816 Gesture Control

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I cannot regret buying this drone. It is a lot of fun to fly for my son and I. Alan C.

I wonder why they say this is a 4K drone because I cannot get 4K quality videos and photos. This is a 720P camera drone. Duke M.

This is a foldable RC drone, with long flight time, nice controller and many flight functions. I think it is worth the money. Clive S.

I am looking for a perfect birthday gift for Harry my husband. I will get him this one since he loves tech toys. Jane F.

The only downside that I can say about this drone is that it takes too long to charge the battery. Mine takes up to 4 hours! Otherwise, everything else works as advertised.  Robert K.

This is a great small drone with coreless motors, which are quieter and less demanding on the battery. I love it! Jarl H.

Pros of VISUO XS816

  • Impressive battery life with 20 minutes of flight time
  • High quality hull/fuselage made with ABS plastic
  • Easy to fly drone for pilots of all experience levels
  • High quality coreless motors
  • Flies really well when there is no wind
  • The manual is so well detailed

Cons of VISUO XS816

  • Battery flight time never gets to 20 minutes
  • Camera quality is only 720P

VISUO XS816 Foldable Drone

Who Should Buy The VISUO XS816?

We could say the price is a tad bit too high for a beginner, but then you can fly it for sometime without the need to upgrade to a bigger one. If you do not mind paying the price though, you will get this gem and get things like powerful performance, good battery time, fun features such as 3D flips and rolls and three-speed mode. If you are looking for a drone that you can control through the app or remote control without missing anything, get the XS816.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are so many things to be happy about in the VISUO XS816. However, do not fly it immediately you get it out of the box. There are few things to pay attention to. One; read the user manual keenly. You will be lucky here because it is so well detailed. Two, you can fly this drone indoors where there is no wind at all. That should give you time to learn how it flies. Thirdly, start on the low speed setting and do not fly it in the wind.

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