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Wipkviey TY-T16 Drone Review

Wipkviey TY-T16

The Wipkviey TY-T16 drone is designed with a focus on simplicity and fun, making it an ideal choice for kids and beginners. Boasting features like One Key Take-Off/Landing, Auto Hover, 3D Flip, and Headless Mode, this drone aims to provide an enjoyable and user-friendly flying experience. Let’s dive into the detailed review to explore its strengths and potential limitations.

Wipkviey TY-T16 Features & Technical Details

  • Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Item Weight: 100 Grams
  • Control Type: Remote Control
  • Media Type: SD
  • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Ion
  • Product Dimensions: 6.7″L x 6.7″W x 1.57″H

Wipkviey TY-T16 Key Features

  1. One Key Take-Off/Landing: Simplifies the flying experience, allowing users, especially beginners, to effortlessly launch and land the drone with a single button press.
  2. Auto Hover Function: Ensures stability in mid-air, making it easier for novice pilots to control the drone without constant manual adjustments.
  3. 3D Flip Capability: Adds excitement to the flying experience by enabling the drone to perform dynamic aerial flips, providing a thrilling visual spectacle.
  4. Headless Mode: Enhances user-friendly operation by eliminating the need to adjust the drone’s orientation before flying, making it particularly useful for beginners.

Note: No Built-In Camera

Unlike some drones, the Wipkviey TY-T16 does not feature a built-in camera. While it focuses on delivering an enjoyable flying experience with features like One Key Take-Off/Landing, Auto Hover, 3D Flip, and Headless Mode, it does not support aerial photography or video recording. This makes it a great choice for those who prioritize drone maneuverability and entertainment over capturing visuals.

Wipkviey TY-T16 Pros

  1. Kid-Friendly Design: One-touch takeoff/landing and auto-hover function make it suitable for kids, ensuring easy control.
  2. Entertaining Features: 3D flip and loop flight functions add extra fun to the flying experience.
  3. Headless Mode: Allows the drone to quickly return to the take-off direction, reducing the chance of loss.
  4. Adjustable Speeds: Three speed modes cater to different skill levels, offering varied flying experiences.
  5. LED Lights: The blue and green LED lights create a captivating light display, making it suitable for various occasions.
  6. Safety Features: Propeller protectors and low battery warning enhance safety during play.
  7. Charging Safety: Battery packs have over-expansion protection, ensuring safer charging.

Wipkviey TY-T16 Cons

  1. Outdoor Limitations: Some users reported issues when flying outdoors, with instances of the drone flying away unexpectedly.
  2. Limited Stability: A few users mentioned concerns about stability and the drone’s tendency to crash.

Wipkviey TY-T16- Friendly-Functions

Who Should Buy this Drone?

The Wipkviey TY-T16 is an ideal choice for:

  • Kids and Beginners: The one-touch controls and safety features make it suitable for those new to drone flying.
  • Indoor Use: Given reports of outdoor challenges, it’s recommended for indoor flying or in controlled environments.


The Wipkviey TY-T16 drone offers an engaging entry into the world of flying gadgets. While it may lack a camera, its focus on simplicity, entertaining features, and safety measures make it a commendable choice for indoor use. Users should be mindful of potential stability issues reported by some.


If you’re seeking an affordable and enjoyable drone primarily for indoor use, especially for kids and beginners, the Wipkviey TY-T16 is a recommended option. However, users are advised to carefully consider outdoor flying conditions to prevent unexpected mishaps.