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4DRC V4 Drone Review

4DRC V4 Drone

For an affordable amount of money, you can buy the 4DRC V4 drone. However, price is not everything when it comes to buying a quadcopter. It must have good features and many flight functions. These things make it easy and a lot of fun to fly.

There are some downsides to this quadcopter. Some users have complained that the app does not work consistently and it can freeze anyhow.

We hope this is an issue that is more phone-based, you know, some android versions perhaps, but if it is the app itself which has an issue, that could be a problem.

Apart from the app issue, everything else seems to work as advertised. Perhaps the camera is good but not stunning (most never are with toy-class quadcopters). However, for the price, it is hard to get better than this. Of course, we shall look at these features and flight functions in more detail in the upcoming sections.

4DRC V4 Drone

4DRC V4 Features & Technical Details

As a beginner quadcopter, the features are pretty basic. However, even for an advanced user, the quad is a good buy. The flight performance is good and the camera takes good photos and videos during the day when there is good light.

Design and Build Quality

You will agree that this is one of the sleekest looking quadcopters. The build and design is quite good. It is not too big either and because it is foldable, you will find it easy to travel with especially as it has a carry bag.

When it is not folded, it measures 8.7 by 6.6 by 1.5 inches.  When it is folded, it becomes smaller than that. It also folds into a smaller, compact and more portable shape, which makes it good for traveling with.

If you love taking outdoor adventures, you need a quadcopter like this one, which is easy to carry. Just pop it into your pocket and you won’t even feel the weight.

The V4 weighs 124g. If you carry it in your trouser or jacket pocket, you will not feel the weight.

The material use to make this drone is light in weight but high quality. ABS has become the material of choice for all quadcopters except performance drones, which are mostly made with carbon fiber.

Camera Quality

This is a camera drone and the camera is one of the main reasons that people buy drones. This one comes with a 1080P resolution camera.

With a resolution of 1080P, this HD camera captures photos and videos with vivid detail. It also has a wide field of view at 120° and an adjustable vertical angle to help you find the best view. You can also enjoy a first person view for up to 80 meters. Just refer to the user manual to see how you can set up the WiFi FPV so that you can see what the drone sees.

You can also share your footage on social media through the app. Let your friends and family see what fun you are having with the drone.

Battery and Flight Time

You will get two batteries with this drone. Together, they can give you a flight time of 25 minutes. You will not need to buy another battery because these two are enough.

As modular batteries, they will charge out of the drone. Just use the charging cable that comes with this quad. If you are buying this drone for your kid, the batteries are safe to handle so there should be no safety concerns.

If the battery goes low, the drone will alert you so that you can bring the drone home.

Remote Controller

You will love the design of the remote controller. OK, it is not as fancy as that of the SLRC SG107, which is super slim, but it has some good things going for it.

First, you will notice the low weight of the controller. You can go through two batteries of flying this quad and you will not feel the weight in your hands.

Secondly, this controller has the keys clustered around the right and left hand sides. The first key on the left side is the on button, which you use to switch on the drone.

The other keys are for left flight, right flight, forward and backward. On the right side, you find the keys for other functions that you can find on the app. The keys for video, headless mode, photo and other functions are available.

Flight Functions

These automated functions make the 4DRC V4 drone easy to fly even for beginners. Here are the most important of them all:

Gesture Control

Use the victory sign to get the quad to start taking photos. You can also show it the palm sign to get it to start taking videos. You will love this function if you want to take selfies.

Trajectory Flight

On the app, you are going to find the map interface on which you can draw a route, which you would like the drone to follow. This is a good function for flying your quad in hands-free mode.

4DRC V4 Drone Tap To Fly

Altitude Hold

In this mode, the drone will hold a certain vertical height and fly at that level throughout. That way, you need not worry about the vertical height because the quad will hold the set height automatically. There is an optical flow sensor, which helps the quadcopter to hold its altitude.

One key take off and landing

With this key, you can bring the quadcopter home and land it or you can just get it to take off. You don’t have to figure out how to fly it. If you press the one take off key, it will take off vertically and hover at a certain height.

Headless mode

Get your 4DRC V4 to fly in any direction that you want without worrying where the nose faces. If you turn the quadcopter turns with you and so forth.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

This is a mini drone measuring about 7 inches on the longest side when unfolded. It is also super light in weight. Only buy it if you fancy small quads. Simone D.

I found out that even the slightest wind blows the quad out of course. Therefore, unless the weather is completely calm outside, I prefer flying it indoors in my basement. Pius R.

I love that you can use smartphones of almost all sizes on the controller. I have had a few instances where I had to restart the app after it froze on me, but lately, it has been behaving very well. Jonah H.

It is hard to get small toy drones that fly well but this one does. However, find a large, open space to fly it to full range. Dave M.

This drone flies well especially when you are using the remote controller. The camera is not that great though, though it takes shareable footage. Chris P.

4DRC V4 Pros

  • The foldable design is easy to pack
  • You get a good storage bag with this quad
  • This quadcopter has 3 speed modes
  • The camera takes decent footage
  • You will get two batteries for longer flight time
  • Drone is light in weight and small in size
  • The price is quite good considering the features it comes with

4DRC V4 Cons

  • To light in weight
  • App freezes from time to time
  • It does not have an SD card slot

4DRC V4 Easy To Use

Who Should Buy The 4DRC V4 Drone?

This is an affordable quadcopter that you can use to learn how to fly and then upgrade to a bigger one in future. The camera is decent and it can take good pictures especially when the lighting is good. However, you cannot use it for amateur or professional photos, as it is only a 1080P camera. Because the manufacturer recommended age is 14 years, it is perfect for teenagers.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Toy class drones such as the 4DRC V4 are not too bad as you have seen in this review. However, you can only buy it to learn how to use drones and then upgrade it to a bigger one later.

Because of its lightweight design, you should use the drone in a large open field so that it does not crash in case the wind blows it off-course.

Check the user manual so that you can know how to fly the drone, how to use certain functions and so on.

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