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8 Best Drone Buying Tips For Beginners

You decided to buy drone and now the question is which drone to buy? What are the important drone features that important especially for drone beginner pilots?

There are so many drones in the markets and the decision which drone to buy is not easy. Below you can find 7 tips that will help you choosing the best drone for beginner:

Look for easy to fly drone designed for beginners

As a beginner You want an easy to fly drone that designed for beginners.

Best Drones For Beginners

Look for drone with Auto return to home (RTH)

The RTH is divided to three types and you want drone supporting these three auto return types:

  • One key auto return – you can return the drone home by clicking special key on the controller
  • Signal lose auto return – when the drone lose connection with the controller it will automatically return home
  • Low battery auto return – when drone battery reaches critical low battery the drone will automatically return home.

Best Drones With Return To Home Feature (RTH)

Strong build

As a beginner you need drone that can survive crashes.

Look for drone that come fully assembled right out of the box

As a beginner you don’t want drone with complicated assembly instructions. look for drone that come fully assembled – just insert battery and fly

Drone With One Click Take-Off / Landing

As a beginner you must drone with One Click Take-Off / Landing. It makes launching and landing the drone ever so easy. Once you punch this key, the drone either takes off or starts to land immediately.

Don’t spend more than $100 on your first drone

You can find great beginner drone with $100 budget. Consider that this is your first drone and you learning how to fly. After you will gain some experience you will buy more professional drone.

Best Drones Under $100

Look for drone with weight under 250 grams

on USA and some other countries you need to register drone that weight more than 250 grams (in USA you need to register with the FAA. As a beginner you want to avoid this procedure.

Best Drones Under 250 Grams

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