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Altair Tomahawk Review

Altair Tomahawk

This drone looks incredibly good, you know, like a predator bird that you would see on a sci-fi movie. The tall landing gear, the nicely positioned camera and the shiny black color make it look really stunning. However, that is not all that there is to the Altair Tomahawk. Just as it looks so good, it also have many advanced features for flying that you will find very impressive. Rarely do you find such an array of advanced features in a beginner drone, but this one has them all. It is also easy to fly it, even for newbie pilots. This drone is good for kids, adults, and pilots of all skill levels.
Altair Tomahawk

Altair Tomahawk Features & Technical Details

This is a multi-rotor drone. To be precise, it has four rotors. It is also a camera drone and it takes nice photos and videos. In fact, the way it has been made, you can see that it would make a good family drone for taking photos and videos during picnics and family outings.

Here are more details about its features:

Size, design and build quality

The drone is made with a high quality ABS plastic casing. Even if it crashes, the internal parts of the drone will be well protected. This casing is going to remain intact even if the drone collides with something.

The motors are brushless! This means that when you are flying the drone in your backyard, it produces noise that is several decibels lower than what its counterparts with brushed motors produce. Brushless motors are also known for their durability and their minimal need for care and maintenance. If you have just been looking for a drone that needs minimal maintenance, this is it for you.

About the size of the Altair Tomahawk, well, it looks big, but it is still good enough to travel with. The weight of the drone is about one pound, which means you have to register it with the FAA. The high landing gear, the camera gear and other extra features make this drone a bit big.

What is in the box?

There are all the knick-knacks that come with a high quality drone. Check to make sure that there is the Altair Tomahawk drone itself, a screwdriver, landing gear – four pieces, battery charger, one battery, one camera mount, 5000C camera, screwdriver, propeller guards and propellers, camera cable and remote controller.

The camera

With the ability to capture high definition 720P videos, the 5000C aerial sport camera that the drone comes with is quite good. However, sometimes, you just want a bigger one, you know, a camera that can take professional-quality photos. Thankfully, with the Altair Tomahawk, you can just replace the camera with one of your choice. The camera is not fixed but it is mounted on the camera mount that it comes with.

This is an FPV camera and that means you will be able to view the videos in real-time. When you capture videos they will be stored in your smartphone, as the app offers about 8GB of space. To enjoy all the camera features, just download the Bugs GO app to your smartphone and you will be good to go.

You may buy a third party camera. Just make sure it is compatible.

Altitude hold mode

When you fly the drone in altitude hold mode, it means that it holds a certain altitude and so you only have to worry about flying the drone horizontally. If you are a professional drone pilot and you like to feel totally in control, then you do not need this feature. You can just find and hold your altitude manually. However, for beginners, this feature is a godsend. It helps them get a good feel of the drone before they can start to fly manually.

Good flight time and distance

In flight, the Altair Tomahawk has emerged ahead of its peers. First, it uses a lithium polymer battery that can give you about 17 minutes of flight time. The brushless motors of the drone ensure better performance even from the battery. As for the flight range, this drone can do 900 feet.

Flight performance

You can do some stunning flips with this drone. You will also find that you are going to be able to roll the drone. You need not fear that the landing gear or the camera will come loose because they will stay intact no matter the kind of stunts that you do. With the 6-axis gyroscope flight system for stabilization, this drone flies well even when it is in the hands of beginners.


The Altair Tomahawk controller does look a bit complicated and a little bulkier. However, it is ergonomically designed and it is easy on the hands. Soon enough, you will learn what the joysticks do, what every little knob and button on this controller does. The controls are responsive and one of the joys that you will get is when you start flying this drone in professional/manual mode.

Altair Tomahawk Structure

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I love the long flight range of this drone, and the non-fixed camera, which means I can swipe it with a bigger one if I like. Tomahawk drones are known for their durability and performance, so no surprise there. Fernando A.

I love this drone and out of a rating of 10, I would give it 8. Why? Because it is a bit complex to assemble. Of all the small RCs that I have used, this one needs the most assemblage. Agatha W.

I watched as my son drove this drone head on to a tree. In that fraction of a second that it hit that tree, I wrote it off. However, I confirmed that it came out unscathed. Richard Z.

The flight and performance of this drone is quite impressive. The flight time is good too and with a spare battery, one can fly it for over 30 minutes. Jerry T.

I love a good aerial thrill and so the first opportunity I got, I put this drone around to do some rolls and flips. I was afraid the camera would come loose but it stayed intact. Henry P.

A $250 drone that performs almost the same as a $700 drone is sure something to behold. I had a problem with Wi-Fi connection but I called Altair and they helped me out. John A.

Pros of Altair Tomahawk

  • Impressive flight time
  • Good for doing rolls and flips
  • Camera is not fixed – can be replaced
  • Default 5000C camera takes nice videos and photos
  • No need for SD card to store videos
  • Good for users of all skill levels
  • Easy to understand user manual
  • Good flight range

Cons of Altair Tomahawk

  • Some people have reported woozy Wi-Fi connection
  • Can take a beginner even more than 30 minutes to assemble

Altair Tomahawk

Who Should Buy The Altair Tomahawk?

Anyone who loves a good drone at a cheap price, a drone that can perform exceptionally well should look for the Altair Tomahawk. Made in the USA by an American company, you will appreciate the amount of high quality workmanship that has gone into this drone. Everything, from the high quality plastic casing to the propellers suggests durability. It is good for beginners, kids and even advanced drone pilots.

Conclusion and Recommendation

From this Altair Tomahawk review, you have seen just what this drone is capable of. It is a good investment and with good care, it should last you a long time. However, one thing that you ought to do is read the user manual before you start assembling it. That way, it will not be too hard. Another thing that you should do is fly it in open fields. Some people did report that their drones got stuck in trees. You might also want to fly this drone on slow speed and in calm conditions.

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