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Bump F-15 Drone Review

Bump F-15 Drone

The starfish shape of the Bump F-15 drone makes it outstanding. However, as you will see in the upcoming sections, there is more to the Bump F-15 than just the looks.

Some of the features that you can expect from the F-15 include brushless motors. Therefore, you can expect a better flight performance. Also, this is a camera drone, so you can capture nice aerial footage for your flight memories.

You will also be pleased that this small drone has many automatic flight functions. Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality beginner quadcopter, you might consider getting this one.

Like every other drone, there are some downsides to the F-15 too. However, these are not deal breakers. For instance, the camera is 1080PHD, which is quite low on the resolution considering that many similarly priced drones come with 2.7K to 4K cameras.

Another thing is that this aircraft is not foldable. Therefore, it might not be the perfect traveling drone because packing it can be a bother.
Bump F-15 Drone

Bump F-15 Features & Technical Details

Your decision to buy or not to buy the F-15 drone depends on its features. If they justify the price, you can go ahead and order it.

Design and Build Quality

The aerodynamically arched body of the F-15 is designed in such a way that it helps the drone to cut through the air when flying. It helps it fly better.

This lightweight drone weighs 395g. However, as you can see, it is still way over the threshold that many civil aviation authorities allow for flying without registration. Therefore, you will have to register the F-15 with the FAA in the US before you can fly it.

This aircraft comes with brushless motors. They last long and they do not overheat easily. In addition, they have a better flight performance than brushed motors and they make minimal noise. Brushless motors also consume less battery power, therefore helping your aircraft stay longer in the air.

The material used to make the fuselage of this drone is high quality. This is very important for the protection of the more delicate interior electronic parts. Therefore, even if the drone crashes, the covering can absorb most of the impact.

This is not a foldable quadcopter. While it is small, a foldable design would have made it a much better traveling companion.

Camera Quality

Here, we always say that the camera is one of the reasons for buying a drone. The F-14 does not boast of having a 4K camera. However, many users find the 1080P HD wide-angle camera still very good.

The field of view is good enough at 110 degrees. In addition, you can vertically adjust the camera from 0 to 90 degrees.

You will also enjoy a real-time transmission of videos from your drone as it flies. For that, you will have to use your smartphone on your remote controller. The image transmission range is also quite decent at 200 meters considering that the remote control range is 300 meters.

Record every moment in the air and see what the drone can see via the instant video transmission. You will also find the app very responsive.

Battery and Flight Time

You will enjoy a flight time of 15 minutes from the 2000mAh battery. However, unlike many of the other quadcopters that we have reviewed in the past that come with removable batteries, this battery is integrated into the drone.

However, more research reveals that through retailers such as, you can find spare batteries. Therefore, this means that you can unscrew the battery and screw another one in its place.

The overall charging time for the drone battery is 90 minutes. For such a high capacity battery, 90 minutes is impressive.

Remote Controller

The 2.4GHz remote controller is powered by two AAA batteries, which you have to buy separately. In addition, you might love the simplistic build of the controller, especially the uncluttered nature. All keys are cluttered in two places at the bottom of the remote controller. There are also the usual joysticks and the power button is located in the middle at the top.

The controller also has a foldable smartphone holder located at the top side. Therefore, when you are flying the drone, you can glance at your smartphone without really taking your eyes off the drone too much.

Flight Functions

As a beginner quadcopter with the manufacturer-recommended age of 14 years, the Bump F-15, this quad has many automated flight functions. Therefore, with most of the flight technicalities taken care of, you can concentrate on taking good footage.

GPS Position Hold

With the GPS position hold mode, you will get your drone to hold a steady position and hover. That way, you can take distortion-free photos and videos easily.

Fail-safe functions

To bring your drone home, you can just press the return to home button. However, in case you are too slow to do that, the drone will come back home automatically when the battery runs low or when it loses signal.

Headless Mode

Engage this mode and your drone will automatically adjust itself to align to the position of the pilot. Even if you don’t know where the nose faces, you can still steer the drone properly.

Orbit Mode

You can have the F-15 continuously fly around an object keeping a radius of 3 meters and taking footage from all angles.

Smart Follow

Get this quadcopter to follow your from a long range, say about 15 meters while still locked onto you. This is a good, hands-free function to engage.

Bump F-15 Flight Functions

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I wanted to learn how to pilot a drone with the F-15 but after getting used to it, I think I will keep it before I get another one. Dom G.

The camera footage will not be worth much when the drone is in motion since the camera is not stabilized. Therefore, to take good footage, get the GPS position hold on and hover it. Charles W.

I think the drone is okay. I cannot complain about its flight or its camera as it seems to take decent pictures. M. Radigan

This quadcopter is so easy to fly for a beginner. I bought it for my 12-year-old son on his birthday and in a few days; he was flying it around the ranch like a pro. Newton P.

Bump F-15 Pros

  • Decent flight time from one battery
  • Flies well and has good range for a beginner quadcopter
  • Four brushless motors give it a nice flight performance
  • Unique looking shape
  • Short charging time

Bump F-15 Cons

  • Seems to be too large for traveling since it is not foldable
  • Not sure whether the integrated battery charges outside the drone

Who Should Buy The Bump F-15 Drone?

Despite all the features, this drone is too simplistic, which makes it just good for beginners and teenagers. If you are a toy-drone enthusiast, you can collect it for its unique shape and flying ability.

Today, many people want a drone that they can take on their road trips, mountain riding trips and beach tours to record their moments. However, the 1080P HD camera might not be enough to take the most decent shots.

This quad would also make a perfect gift for a teenager or even a friend.

Conclusion and Recommendation

If you bear the following recommendations in mind, you could actually have a good flight experience.

First, find a large open space so that you can do the entire 300 meters of remote control range. That way, you can switch between low and high speeds.

Second, do not fly your drone in the wind. Even with the fail-safe functions that we have elaborated above, it is easy for it to fly away with a gust of wind and not come back.

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