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Camera Drone: A Few Aspects Discussed

DJI Mavic Pro Refurbished

One will not really be able to appreciate the significance of drone photography, if we say that it allows us to capture breathtaking aerial views of places through pictures or videos. It would be more appropriate to say that it makes it possible for us to capture those shots that could earlier be captured only from planes or helicopters. Very simply put, camera drones are drones fitted with cameras. Drones are multi-rotor, remote-controlled Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or flying devices. The camera drones are the ones equipped with cameras. There are not one but several purposes for which camera drones are employed:

  • Surveying
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Inspection
  • Mapping

The Basic Functions of Camera Drone Explained

Drones with cameras actually open up new ways to access spaces and forge compositions that could hardly be envisaged before. They are largely used in weddings, sporting events and while traveling. If you are willing to invest in a new camera drone then you should acquaint yourself with the factors that you should prioritize while buying them.

Which Factors should you Consider while buying Camera Drones?

The most important attribute of camera drones that you should look out for is the image quality itself. Now, what is it that affects the quality of the image? It’s the sensors! So, it is important for you to know which company uses which sensors before buying the same. Mavic 2 Pro remains one of the most popular consumer drones and it uses a 1-inch sensor, which is currently hailed by the market today. THe 1-inch sensor is also being used by professional photography drones like Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. You can also educate yourself about the 4/3 inch CMOS sensor used by Inspire 2. If you are investing in a larger CMOS you will be able to shoot very high-quality images in low lights. If you are not shooting at nights you don’t necessarily have to invest in it. Both Phantom and Mavic Pro offer great image quality.

Gimbal Quality

Make sure your camera drone is backed by good gimbal quality. Your camera drone will need to stabilize itself before taking those spectacular aerial shots. So, it is important to choose camera drones backed by top gimbal quality which ensures that the flight doesn’t shake while capturing photographs. The best bet would be to settle for the 3-axis gimbals though there are cameras with 2-axis gimbals available as well.

RAW/DNG format

You will not really require RAW/DNG format support if you are not doing your post-production with the help of Photoshop or Lightbroom. RAW/DNG format is required by those who need to access multiple editing options during post production.


The video resolution that you should settle for depends on the reason why you are taking these videos. If you are just going to upload them on Instagram or Facebook then 1080 p would suffice for you. However, you should ideally settle for 4K videos when you are vlogging – quite simply because you want sharper images and with 4K videos you actually have several pixels to play with. Watch out the camera specs for the fps (frame per second) details. You can settle for something between 24 fps and 30fps. 60fps is needed if you are looking for slow motion videos.

Intelligent Function

Why are good drones so expensive? Because they offer you good image quality? That’s only one of the reasons – not the only reason. They generally cost more because they offer several intelligent features that the others don’t. These drones can actually find you automatically, take selfies with gestures, fly along waypoints, take close-up shots without perturbing the subject, shoot objects at high speed and do a lot more.

Reviews and Recommendations

It would be prudent on your end to settle for drones after gauging their popularity through social media, online reviews and personal recommendations.

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