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Drone Backpack Buying Guide

You have just invested in your favorite drone – i.e. the exact model which you had always coveted. Now what? As you’re busy zeroing in on the locations that you are eventually going to capture through your photographs or videos—there’s another question that should prudently strike you! “How will you transport these drones safely to their locations?” You need a protective backpack to carry your drones to the desired destination (where you want to fly it). There are a few folding drones that might as well safely slide into a pouch or a regular backpack. However, most of the other models with highly advanced features would still need a dedicated backpack for complete protection.

Choosing the right backpack for your drone

Buying the right backpack for your drone is definitely not an arbitrary exercise. There is a lot which needs to be considered in this respect. While some of these backpacks are designed particularly for certain models, there are other backpacks that are great when it comes to carrying out on-field repair works. Are you looking for the best drone backpacks out there? Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you out.

Keep your Basics Right

Start off with the basics. The very first instinct would be to figure out whether the drone will fit into the bag or not. Other factors that you should duly prioritize are the overall quality of the carrying case, its build and make, configuration and of course – the strength of its straps. It – would – of course – be prudent on your part to look for a waterproof carrying case. Experts opine that even the waterproof models might as well be backed by controllers and a few accessories that are vulnerable to damage engendered by water.

Which drone do you Own?

Focus on the model that you’re flying. Here comes the need to find out about the “dedicated backpacks”. You need to take into account the factor that the form-factors of the quadcopters are undergoing significant advancements on a consistent basis. If you’re buying the Mavic Pro from DJI, for example, you are basically accessing a super-powerful drone in a collapsible compact package. It’s backed by a slightly larger than a 70-200 mm lens. So, a media creator looking forward to investing in this model should ideally check out backpacks designed for Mavic Pro (including the likes of DroneGuard BP200, DroneGuard BP250 and DroneGuard CS 150 among others).

Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250

The Larger Drones like DJI Inspire 1 and 2 cannot really fit into the regular backpacks. DroneGuard Pro Inspire is designed for those looking forward to carrying their drones on location. The smaller DJI Spark, on the other hand, will blithely fit into smaller bags and cases like ViewPoint BP 250 and DroneGuard CS 200.

The Medium sized drones can safely be carried in Drone Guard Pro 450, Drone Guard BP 450, Drone Guard BP 400 and Drone Guard CS 400 etc.

The Manfrotto Medium Gear Backpack is great for carrying the smaller portable drones and just a few other electronic additions like a camera.

DroneGuard CS 400
DroneGuard CS 400

The Accessories

It should be noted here that it’s not only your drone which is going inside your bag but other accessories like spare batteries, displays/tablets, rotors, manuals and tools and other sensitive precision parts as well. So, make sure you are selecting a size in accordance.

Where are you Flying your Drone?

The nature of your trip should ideally govern your choice in this regard as well. The backpack especially designed for shorter, hassle-free trips are definitely not going to suffice when it comes to the longer more serious trips. For example, the DroneGuard Kit is perfect if you are just taking a modest walk or a short drive to the location. However, if you are hiking with something like a DJI Mavic Pro – you would definitely want something like a Drone Guard BP 250 or a Drone Guard BP 200 for safe carriage.

What happens when your drone needs a quick fix because you’ve broken a part of it? You can either choose to pack it up for the day or else choose to fix the same and continue flying. You can facilitate field repair by bringing along the tools you require. Choose cases that serve as handy workspaces and can actually help you repair your machines without really you losing those small screws or nuts.

Choose Something Customizable

You should also be prudent enough to select something which helps you customize whenever required. There are a few cases that are actually designed to accommodate quadcopters of variant shapes and different gear combinations as well.

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